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Simplified Access to Office 365 & other services

What we're doing

Simplifying the way you access online services like Office 365 with your Wentworth account.

What you need to know

Beginning on Thursday, July 13th, you may notice a new login screen when accessing Office 365 or Xfinity on Campus via the web.

Office Apps including Outlook may prompt you to login again on your computer and smart devices. Use your Wentworth email address and password as you usually do. Now is a great time to download the latest version of Office for your computer and smart devices - it's free and easy!

Why we're doing it

First, one of the steps to access Office 365 will be removed - you'll only type your email address once. The new process is faster, secure, and mobile device friendly!

Soon we'll be consolidating many additional services into the menu of "apps" right within Office 365. This will allow quick access to services like and Qualtrics and give you an easy way to discover new tools you may not know you have access to today!

Finally, later this year we'll introduce a frequently requested password self-service feature which will allow you to easily reset a forgotten or expired password 24x7 without needing to contact the Tech Spot.


Contact the Tech Spot at, via twitter @DTSatWIT, or call 617-989-4500.


Old Office 365 Login Screen

New Office 365 Login Screen