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LConnect Upgrade

Sample screen from new version of LConnect

Sample screen from new version of LConnect

What we're doing

Upgrading the LConnect portal to a new version which will improve navigation and add additional features. The new layout better highlights your role at Wentworth - meaning students see course information, faculty see courses they are teaching, and staff see the systems they use with less clicks.

Upgrade Objectives

  1. Visually enhance design so finding relevant content is easier
  2. Refresh content to show only current and essential information
  3. Utilize new methods of quickly displaying data
  4. Replace software which is no longer supportable

Project Milestones

  • Gather community feedback - COMPLETE
  • Technical configuration - COMPLETE
  • Validate content and engage pilot user group - In Progress
  • Awareness campaign - In Progress
  • New LConnect preview available - COMPLETE
  • Old LConnect retired - To Be Determined

User Guide for LConnect Preview

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access the new LConnect?

  • Once launched, it will have the same web address - No action is required by you to upgrade.

Why are we upgrading?

  • The technology behind the old version has become outdated. The upgrade will offer new features and accessibility improvements.

Why does the "MyWIT" section look different than someone else's?

  • Faculty, Staff, and Students will see different content on this section that are most applicable to their relationship to Wentworth.

I am both a staff member and a student. What happens?

  • You will see content related to both relationships.

Am I able to access the old version?

  • Yes, for a limited amount of time the old version will be accessible by clicking the "Old LConnect" button once you log in.

Where did the groups function go?

  • Groups is no longer supported inside of LConnect. Instead, we recommend using Office 365 Groups.

Have another question?

Contact the Tech Spot at, via twitter @DTSatWIT, or call 617-989-4500.