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Media Resources

DTS Media Services has a larger number of equipment resources available to Wentworth Faculty and Staff.
Media equipment and services are available during the same hours that the Help Desk is open and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The following types of equipment are available to Wentworth Faculty and Staff:
Please review the DTS media policies for requesting loaner equipment.

Lenovo Laptop
Included software: MS Windows 7 Professional 32-bit, MS Office 2010 Full Suite, Adobe Reader.

Lenovo Laptop

Apple MacBook Pro Laptop
Included software: Apple Lion 10.7, iLife 2011, MS Office 2011. Boot Camp, MS Windows 7 Professional 32-bit, MS Office 2010, Adobe Reader.

Apple Macbook Pro Laptop

Epson 1761W LCD Projector
This device will project any video or computer source onto a screen or flat wall for viewing. Common uses: Projecting a laptop image for a class or presentation space. Projecting a video image to large groups where a video Monitor would not be appropriate

LCD Projector

VGA Cable with Audio
Cable to be used in mediated classrooms with in-room LCD Projector and speaker system.

VGA Cable w/ Audio

Apple Mini Display Port to VGA Display Adapter for Unibody MacBook Pro Laptop.


Apple Mini Display Port to VGA Display Adapter

Apple DVI to VGA Display Adapter for non-Unibody MacBook Pro Laptop.

Apple DVI to VGA Display Adapter

Portable Elmo Document Camera.


Elmo Document Camera

Canon Vixia HV-40 Video Camera

Canon Vixia HV-40

Sony HDR-CX360 Video Camera

Sony Video Camera

A tripod will steady a camera (either video or still camera) so that your image is
not effected by motion blur.


Flip Ultra HD Camcorder

Flip Ultra HD Camcorder

LifeScribe Smartpen

LifeScribe Smartpen

Wacom CitiQ 21UX Tablet

Wacom Cintiq Tablet

Portable Projection Screens
We have several portable projection screens that can be used in rooms where there is no projection screen built-in.

Portable Projection Screen

Logitech Portable Computer Speakers

Portable Computer Speakers


Microphones and portable PA systems
We have a variety of wired and wireless microphones available for use in classrooms and lecture halls around campus. You may choose from wireless handheld, lapel, and headset microphones as well as wired handheld microphones.

Any of our handheld mics can be used with a podium or table stand. Please be as specific as possible when ordering a microphone for your class or event. In addition to the built-in PA systems on campus in the main lecture halls there are also portable PA systems available for smaller rooms and meeting spaces.

Wireless Microphone System