Laptop Program: Repair

The Tech Spot is proud to offer on-site repairs. The goal of on-site repair is to enhance customer service to the faculty, staff and students. We strive to complete most service requests in one business day.

The repair team will perform warranty repairs on the following hardware:

  • Battery
  • Hard Drive
  • Motherboard
  • Monitor
  • RAM
  • Fans (such as a processor fan)
  • AC Power Adapter

What will and will not be repaired?

These services are only available to Wentworth faculty, staff and students:

  • Warranty work on Razer, HP, Apple and Lenovo laptop computers owned by Wentworth
  • Warranty work on Razer, HP, Apple and Lenovo desktop computers owned by Wentworth
  • Replacing defective Razer, HP, Apple and Lenovo laptop computer parts from Wentworth devices

Unfortunately, we cannot perform warranty work for any other manufacturer at this time. Please consult with you specific manufacturer if you are having hardware issues with a non-Wentworth owned computer.

Back up your data!

Technology Services will not be responsible for backing up your data before a repair. We recommend using Office 365 OneDrive to store your files. The laptop you are having services may be reimaged and your data files will be irretrievable.

Location & Hours

The laptop repair team is part of the Tech Spot and follows the same hours of operation.