Laptop Program: Readmitted Students

Welcome Back to Wentworth!

When and where is laptop distribution for readmitted students? 

  • Freshman students will pick up their laptop in Tansey Gymnasium.
  • Sophomore, junior, and senior readmits will pick up their laptop at the Tech Spot, on the 3rd Floor of Beatty Hall

At laptop distribution, you'll need these three things:

    1. You must have your Wentworth student identification card. We cannot issue you a laptop using any other identification.
    2. Your student account must have no holds. You can check your account status in LeopardWeb.
    3. You must accept and electronically sign the Laptop Program Student User Agreement.

    What if I miss laptop distribution?

    Laptop distribution make-up will be held at the Tech Spot, on the 3rd Floor of Beatty Hall.  If you do not pick up your laptop by the close of business on the last Friday of September, we cannot guarantee you will receive a brand new device. Depending on availability, the laptop will be the same model and may be refurbished.

    What you will receive:

    • Your laptop
    • Wentworth-branded backpack


    We're here to help! Contact the Wentworth Laptop Program.