Laptop Program: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs of this program?

  • Although not directly related to your laptop Wentworth has implemented a semester-based Technology Fee. This fee covers all aspects of technology delivered to students and can be learned about via the academic catalog.  There are no additional fees, except in cases where damage which is not covered under the manufacturer's warranty has occurred to your laptop, or your laptop was lost or stolen.

What if I want a different model laptop?

  • The laptop platform and size choice(s) are determined by your choice of major. If your major allows, you have the option to choose the model laptop that you prefer. Laptop options are chosen by the Dean, department chair, and faculty for each major. Once distributed your laptop cannot be changed or exchanged for a different model.

When will I pick up my laptop?

  • The distribution time and location for Fall of 2020 is still being determined. More information will be provided when available.

What are the benefits of having Wentworth provide a specific laptop and software?

  • We cannot install Wentworth licensed software on your personal laptop or support your personal laptop. The laptop program ensures that you will be able to run the software used throughout your curriculum. A specific laptop also enables quick support/repair turnaround time, maximizing the duration students have use of their laptop and minimizing disruption to academics.

How do I obtain technical support for my Wentworth issued laptop?

  • The Tech Spot provides complete laptop support including hardware repair if necessary.

If my machine is inoperable and in repair, how can I continue with my classes and studies?

  • Many repairs can be completed and returned the same day. The Tech Spot may provide a loaner laptop if available and repairs are expected to take longer.

What is the difference between warranty repair and accidental damage?

  • Warranty repair comes from normal wear and tear on the laptop. Accidental damage comes from damage incurred from carelessness, etc. Each case is determined on its own merit. Regardless of warranty or accidental damage, laptop repairs are done by Wentworth.

Are students financially responsible for warranty repair?

  • No, warranty repair incurs no cost to the student.

What if I accidentally damage my laptop?

  • Accidental damage incurs up to a $250 deductible on your tuition bill. You will be responsible for any costs associated with repairs or replacements that are not covered under manufacturer's warranty.

Am I responsible for backing up my laptop data files?

  • Yes, students are responsible for backing up laptop data files. It is strongly recommended that some form of secure, individually owned external backup device be used to store files if a student does not want to use cloud storage. In the event that a laptop suffers major damage resulting in the loss of data, Wentworth is not responsible for the lost data. We offer free cloud-based storage to students through Office 365 OneDrive.

Do I need to bring a printer, scanner and/or digital camera?

Can I bring and use my personal laptop?

  • Students may bring their own personal computing devices in addition to the Wentworth issued laptop. However, the Tech Spot cannot support or service these devices and will not install software on them.

Can I buy my laptop if I leave Wentworth prior to graduation?

  • No, laptops are not available for sale. You must turn in your laptop to the Tech Spot if you leave Wentworth prior to graduation.

What if I change my major?

  • If your new major requires a different laptop model or software image than your original major, you may need to exchange your laptop at the Tech Spot. If your new major allows choice, you will be able to change your laptop model without any fee. Please consult with the Tech Spot to determine how to proceed. This laptop exchange will not be guaranteed to be new and could be refurbished of the same year you entered Wentworth.

What should I do with the laptop if I leave Wentworth prior to graduation?

  • The laptop program is for full-time undergraduate and full-time graduate (Architecture, Project Management and Civil Engineering) students only. Should a student leave Wentworth or drop below full-time status prior to graduation, the laptop must be returned to the Tech Spot. If you do not return it, you will be assessed a fee equal to the cost of the computer system as stipulated in the Laptop Program Student User Agreement.

Will I be able to keep the laptop I received when I graduate?

  • You will be able to keep the laptop upon graduation.

What happens to the laptop software after graduation?

  • Most software on the laptops is allowed to remain on the laptop upon graduation. Students do not receive updates or upgrades. Updating or continued use of some software requires purchasing a license or upgrade on their own. Certain software that Wentworth holds licenses for will not work once the student has graduated because of vendor licensing requirements.

Will I receive laptop technical support from Wentworth after graduation?

  • Unfortunately, after graduation, the Tech Spot is no longer able to support laptop hardware and software.

What if I want to change my choice of laptop model?

  • Once our orders have been placed each year, we cannot accommodate changes of laptop selections. A student may, if eligible according to their chosen major, request a change prior to this date by contacting the Wentworth Laptop Program.

What happens if my laptop is lost or stolen?

  • Students are responsible for securing their laptop at all times. Students acknowledge that in the case of theft they are responsible for the first $750 of the replacement cost for a first-time loss. Students acknowledge that in subsequent claims they are responsible for the full replacement value of the new laptop - approximately $2,500.
  • Wentworth will provide a replacement laptop comparable to the laptop model assigned to their class once available. This laptop may be refurbished.
  • In the case of loss or theft on-campus, the student is responsible to contact the Wentworth Department of Public Safety immediately upon discovery. They will assist with completing a police report and provide a copy of that report to the student.
  • In the case of loss or theft off-campus, the student is responsible to contact the local police department and obtain a copy of the police report.
  • Allegations of fraudulent claims will be referred to the Massachusetts Attorney General's office for investigation and prosecution. Students understand that Wentworth Institute of Technology may assess them a late fee equivalent to the cost of a replacement Computer System should they fail to return the laptop on or before the return date without producing a Wentworth Public Safety report and a report from the local police having jurisdiction as outlined above.