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2017 Junior and 5th Year BELM Students

Students that began classes at Wentworth before 2015 may be eligible for a laptop refresh. Starting in the Fall of 2015 Wentworth transitioned to one laptop for a student’s academic career. The current laptops offered by the school are meant to stand the rigors of study for an average matriculation of a student and the Tech Spot along with your academic department selects laptops with the power and performance to last. If you are a student that has started after Fall of 2015 you will not be eligible for a laptop refresh.

When and where is laptop refresh for eligible Junior and 5th Year BELM students?

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017, from 9:00AM to 4:00PM at the Tech Spot, on the 3rd Floor of Beatty Hall. At that time, you will be required to turn in your old Wentworth issued laptop to receive a new laptop.

We remind you that classes will be in session and you need to make every effort to attend class. You will not be excused from class to pick up your laptop and you do not need to skip class to pick up your laptop.

What if I miss the day of the refresh?

Laptop refresh make-up will occur on Wednesday, September 4, 2017, and Thursday, September 5, 2017, from 9:00AM to 3:30PM each day at the Tech Spot, on the 3rd Floor of Beatty Hall.

After September 5, 2017, you will need to call the Tech Spot at 617-989-4500 to make an appointment to pick up your laptop.

If you do not contact the Tech Spot and arrange to pick up your new laptop by the close of business on Thursday, September 21, 2017, we cannot guarantee that a brand new laptop will be available for you. Depending on availability, you would receive the same model laptop that may be refurbished.

Preparing to refresh your laptop:

  • Back up your data! Technology Services will not be able to assist you in backing up your data on the day of the refresh. We recommend using Office 365 OneDrive to store your files. The laptop you are returning will be reimaged and your data files will be irretrievable.
  • Do not attempt to remove any stickers you may have placed on your laptop.
  • It is recommended that students visit the Tech Spot well BEFORE laptop refresh day to have their laptop inspected if they feel that they may be subject to charges on laptop refresh day.
    • Minor dents and scratches - No Charge
    • Stickers - No Charge - Please do NOT attempt to remove any stickers from the laptop
    • Missing battery - up to $150
    • Missing AC Adapter - up to $100
    • Cracked LCD Display – up to $250
    • Case Damage (causing the machine or a component to be inoperable) –  varies, up to $250
    • Case Damage (not necessarily causing the machine or a component to be inoperable) - varies, up to $250 depending on the specific laptop component

On day of the refresh:

  1. You must have your Wentworth student identification card. We cannot issue you a laptop using any other identification.
  2. Your student account must have no holds. You can check your account status in LeopardWeb.
  3. You must accept and electronically sign the Laptop Program Student User Agreement.
  4. Your old Wentworth issued laptop to return.


    We're here to help! Contact the Wentworth Laptop Program at