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Laptop Services

About the program

As a technical institute, cutting-edge tools are part of Wentworth’s DNA. For this reason, we are proud to provide every full-time student who enrolls with a brand new laptop computer that will become yours to keep upon graduation.

Our academic departments have worked diligently to identify the machines and software that best reflect the needs of their program and the standard for their industry. This also means that with the computer students get access to all the tools and apps they'll need throughout their time at Wentworth. As a result, our professors can tailor their coursework to best suit the technical capabilities.

Students will receive a laptop model based on their academic major. If the major allows choice of laptop, the selection will need to be made before the deadline (will be sent via email). Any changes to laptop choice after this deadline will result in a laptop change fee. If the major doesn't allow choice, students will receive the default laptop model based on their academic major.


Wentworth began the laptop program as a pilot in the fall of 2004. It was initially implemented for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors in the Architecture department with a Mac laptop. In fall 2005, the program was implemented across all of the academic departments for all incoming students. By fall of 2009, all students were outfitted with a laptop. The Institute now supports both Mac and PC platforms.


The cost of the laptop program is part of your tuition. There are no additional fees, except in cases where damage which is not covered under the manufacturer's warranty has occurred to your laptop, or your laptop was lost or stolen. Additional cost information.


The equipment offered to students is chosen each year by conferring with Wentworth Student Government, students, faculty, staff, academic departments, senior leadership, and the Laptop Committee. These groups work together and have input into laptop models for the upcoming year. After community input and testing of laptop models, recommendations are made and models are chosen. The operating system, device type, and software are selected by each of the programs and reviewed yearly to ensure that we are supplying you with the best technology to meet your curricular needs. There are several factors that impact our technology and software choices: What the industry is using, the software required for teaching the program, technical support, and the overall budget or cost of the program.


Throughout a student's matriculation at Wentworth, the laptop is owned by Wentworth. This allows for educational pricing of academically focused hardware and software provided by Wentworth. Students are free to install additional software which they have licensed and have "administrator" rights on the machine to install said software without requiring assistance from the Help Desk.

Upon graduation, ownership of the laptop is transferred to the student. Depending upon licensing agreements, some software is allowed to remain installed. Wentworth can no longer support, upgrade, or update the hardware and software owned by alumni.

Partner Discounts

Several partners of Wentworth's laptop program offer discounts for personal purchases made by community members.