Two-factor Authentication

What is two-factor authentication?

  • Two-factor authentication, also known as multi-factor authentication or 2FA, is a technology to protect access to your account by requiring something you physically possess, in addition to the password you already know. The extra factor makes it more difficult for someone who has obtained your password to access any data without authorization.

What is Duo?

  • Duo is an industry-leading company which specializes in two-factor authentication technology. Wentworth has chosen Duo from a number of potential vendors to implement two-factor authentication on our systems.

How does two-factor authentication keep my account and data secure?

  • Two-factor authentication is a lot like using an ATM. In order to get cash, you must have your PIN (something you know) and your ATM card (something you have). Even if you told your friends your PIN number, they couldn't easily obtain money without your card, which you would theoretically notice was missing.

Why is Wentworth requiring me to use two-factor authentication?

  • Wentworth is required to utilize industry standard protection methods to ensure our university and student data is kept safe. Two-factor authentication is proven technology and is rapidly becoming an industry norm.

When must I enroll by?

  • All faculty, staff, and students (except CPCE students) are required to use Duo two-factor at this time.

Does everyone have to enroll?

  • Yes. Since even one unprotected account constitutes a risk, we will be requiring two-factor authentication be set up on all accounts.

How long will enrollment take?

  • A typical enrollment takes about five minutes.

How can I get enrolled?

  • Follow either of these two routes to begin enrollment. Remember, if you need assistance, there are several options.

Follow directions in email from Duo to download and activate the app.

If you are comfortable installing the Duo Mobile app on your smartphone, you can get started on your own. You'll receive an enrollment email directly from Duo shortly. Follow those directions to get started. If you run into problems, you can always change your path and follow one of the other options above.

Call the Tech Spot and speak to an enrollment specialist.
Call us at 617-989-4500. Our trained staff is ready to assist you with enrollment.

What is the least disruptive or recommended way to use two-factor authentication?

  • We recommend you use the Duo Mobile app on a smartphone for the least disruptive experience. Duo's smartphone app employees "push" technology, which allows you to simply select Allow (when you know you are trying to access your account) or Deny (if you aren't actively trying to login to an application. It does not require you to copy and type randomly changing six-digit codes.

What if I don't want to install the Duo app on my personal smartphone?

  • You can choose to receive SMS text message or a voice phone call to verify your identity in lieu of installing the Duo app. Note we strongly recommend the use of the Duo app and push notifications for the best user experience.

What if I don't want to use or do not have a personal cellular phone?

  • Please contact the Tech Spot to discuss alternate options. For the best user experience, we strongly recommend the use of the Duo app and push notifications whenever possible.

What if I lose or forget my smartphone? How will I work?

  • The Tech Spot will be prepared to support you. After verifying your identity, we can issue temporary use codes which replace your lost device. After your device is found or replaced, we can assist with enrolling your new device.

Will every Wentworth application require two-factor?

  • Initially, no. We're launching with Office 365 applications - including your email mailbox, OneDrive, and SharePoint . However, once users are enrolled we will expand the scope to cover other applications as well. Since you'll already be setup, no further action will be required besides accepting Duo push notifications.

Will I have to use two-factor every time I login?

  • No. Duo will be configured with an option to allow a device to be trusted for a period of time so you won't be prompted multiple times every day. Additionally, our single sign on system allows you to select an option to remain logged in which further limits the number of services which require you to log in and out when switching between them.