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Tools & Resources

Security Tools Available for Wentworth Computers

There are additional security software tools available on demand while connected to the wired network at Wentworth.  

Identity Finder

An enterprise tool that can be used to search for various identity types (social security numbers, credit card information, driver's license numbers, and many more). For more information, visit the Data Loss Prevention page or login to LConnect and click the “Online Software Distribution” channel to access your copy. Enterprise edition of Identity Finder is only available to Wentworth employees for use on Wentworth staff and faculty computers.


If you are working remotely and have a need for VPN access to the campus network, please submit a Work Order to

Suggested Tools for Personal Computers

Each Wentworth supported computer system, desktop and laptop, have essential security tools pre-installed. For those devices that are not centrally managed by Wentworth DTS, such as tablets and smart phones, we encourage you to check out the free tools available from the following resources below.

Anti-malware (Sophos)

  • Free antivirus for personal non-commercial use
  • Mobile device security tools
  • Virus removal tools
  • Firewalls, network security scanner, etc.

Sensitive Data Detection/Protection

  • Identity Sweeper – tool to search your computer for sensitive information (free version is no longer available).
  • Password Sweeper – free tool to search your computer for passwords.


  • Bit Locker: An encryption utility tool built into Windows OS platform.
  • File Vault: A disk encryption utility tool built into Mac OS platform.
  • BoxCryptor: A tool to encrypt your data in the cloud.

Please review the license agreement as most of the free tools are offered for personal, non-commercial use only!


The threat landscape is constantly evolving and new vulnerabilities and attack types seem to surface without any warning. The best way to ensure you are doing all you can to safeguard your data, whether at work or at home, is to keep up to date on what is out there, both from an offensive and defensive perspective.

Below are a few resources that are reviewed each day by the ISO. Make sure to stay connected with us on Twitter, as we will be sharing additional resources and interesting news in the information security sector.