All Follow Me Printing enabled devices support color scanning. You can choose to send your scans to your email account or OneDrive for convenient access.

  1. Activate the device by tapping your Wentworth ID card.
  2. Touch the "Scan" option.
  3. Touch "Scan to Email" or "Scan to OneDrive." If you select OneDrive, you will be asked for your Wentworth Network Account password.
  4. Touch the document format you prefer and touch "Ok".
  5. Insert your document into the feeder or place it on the glass and touch "Scan." If you placed an item on the glass, you can touch "Append" to scan additional pages or "Finish" to send the job.

Advanced Options

If desired, you can adjust settings before scanning by touching "Advanced" before touching "Scan." By default, scans are single sided and in color.