Print Quota

After the add/drop period at the start of each semester, every student will be given a semester quota to be used for printing. The amount of the semester quota is determined by the program in which the student is enrolled and is based on the unique curricular demands of that program. As students use printing services, their quota will be depleted according to the printing rate sheet below.

If a student exhausts their quota before the end of the semester, they can refill their quota from their Fenway Cash account or by transferring funds from another student. At the end of the semester, any unused portion of the print quota automatically rolls over into the next semester. You are always in control of your balance by viewing it using Wentworth Print Accounting. The system will email you when your balance drops below $2. The PaperCut widget is also available which displays your balance on your computer.

Semester Quotas - Included with your tuition

Student Type Semester Quota
Full time day student in non-design based majors $10
Full time day student in Architecture and Design majors $40
Part time College of Professional and Continuing Education students $5
Masters of Science in Construction Management students $10
Master of Architecture students $40

Printing Rates

  Gray Scale Color
Letter (8.5 X 11) $0.05 $0.10
Tabloid / Ledger (11 X 17) $0.10 $0.20
Standard Plotting (Library, Architecture, Interior Design) $0.0825 / square foot $0.33 / square foot
Plotting on Photo-Quality Paper (Industrial Design) $0.91 / square foot


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I use up my quota?

  • You will not be able to print until you add to your print account balance. Print quotas can be refilled by using Fenway Cash, transfer credit from another student's quota to yours, or waiting until next semester when your print quota is refilled.

How do I know how much quota I have left?

  • Students can check online through Wentworth Print Accounting. Login with your Wentworth Network Account. Once logged in you will see your remaining balance as well as other information about your printing usage. You can also download the PaperCut widget for your computer, which displays your current balance.

Where can I get the PaperCut print quota widget for my computer?

  • You can download the PaperCut print quota widget for PC or Mac.

What happens if I don’t use up my quota by the end of the semester?

  • Any unused balance will automatically roll over to the next semester until the student graduates. If a student withdraws prior to graduation, any unused balance is forfeited. The original balance will not be restored, even if the same student re-enrolls at a later date.

Do I get a quota refill during my co-op semester?

  • Yes.

When does the quota for the semester refill?

  • Quota refills for each semester will be done the first business day after the add/drop period ends at the start of each semester.

How can I refill my print quota?

  • You can add to your print balance at any time using FenwayCash. Simply Add value to your Fenway Cash account using the available options. Then login to Wentworth Print Accounting and transfer funds from Fenway Cash to your printing account balance. Now you're ready to print! There are no refunds from your print quota back to your Fenway Cash account.

    Students can also transfer funds to another student and arrange their own payment agreement.

Is there a minimum amount of printing I have to buy using Fenway Cash?

  • There is a $1.00 minimum amount. Funds can be added in $1, $2, $3, $4, $5, $10, $20, $50 increments.

How are plotter prints of non-standard sizes charged?

  • Printing from the plotter is charged according to the square feet of paper used as defined by the print job settings.

How much does it cost to print a two-sided sheet of paper?

  • The print quota system calculates by impression, not sheets of paper. A two-sided duplex print is counted as two impressions.

Can I request a refund for a print job that went wrong?

  • Yes. If a print job did not go through and you were charged, you can request a refund by logging into Wentworth Print Accounting and then click the link for Recent Print Jobs. Find the print job that did not print out and click the refund button for that print job. Refunds must be requested within 24 hours of the print job and will be addressed within two business days. Refunds are not automatic and will be approved by DTS on a case-by-case basis.

What happens if a print job gets stuck in the queue?

  • If you sent a print job to a printer and it doesn't print, the job will be automatically deleted and the charge for the print job will be reversed back to your account. If it is not, you can request a refund using the process above.

How do I print materials for my student club?

  • A $20 quota will be added to the general account for each student club. If the quota for the student club is exhausted, the student club president can request additional print quota from the Center for Student Engagement staff who will submit the request to DTS for fulfillment. Please allow two business days for the additional quota requests to be processed.

What if my student club needs to print more than $20 worth at one time?

  • The student club president can request an increase in the quota sufficient to handle the planned print job in advance by contacting the Center for Student Engagement with the details of the planned print job and the requested amount. The Center for Student Engagement will forward the request to DTS for fulfillment. Please allow two business days for the additional quota requests to be processed.

Can I print to my student club or on-campus job account while still logged into my personal account?

  • Yes. You will need to install the PaperCut widget in order to select which account to bill each time you print. If you don’t download the widget, none of your print jobs will be processed as the system will not know what account to bill.

How do I print materials for my student club or on campus job?

  • First, your club advisor or job supervisor must request you have access to the shared account. Second, you must install the PaperCut widget. Third, after you click print, a popup window will allow you to select if you are printing something personal or if it should be billed to a shared account.

I tried to add funds from Fenway Cash and received an error.

  • If you see "Your WIT Active Directory account does not have an associated FenwayCash account.," please contact the Tech Spot for assistance.  For other errors such as insufficient balance, please contact Fenway Cash support.

I lost my ID, how come I can’t add more money to my print quota?

  • When the Copy Mail Center issues a new Wentworth ID, your Fenway Cash account number is changed for your security. This information is automatically transferred to us. However, if you were issued a new ID more than two hours ago and it is still not working, please contact the Tech Spot.