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Printer Names

Campus printers are named based on building location, room number, and printer model. Follow the guide below to help determine the name of the printer you are using. You can also look for a sticker on the front of each printer which displays it's name.

To avoid determining printer names and installing multiple printers, use the Follow Me Printing service. Learn more here.

Follow Me Printing is availalable at the following locations:

  • Douglas D. Schumann Library & Learning Commons
  • Flanagan Campus Center
  • Architecture Studios
  • Interior Design Studio
  • Industrial Design Studio
  • 555 Huntington Avenue

Printer Name Example Building-RoomModel

Building # Building Name
01 Power Plant
02 Williston Hall
2A Rubenstein Hall
03 Wentworth Hall
04 Dobbs Hall
05 Watson Hall
06 Kingman Hall
07 Willson Hall
08 Beatty Hall
09 Tansey Gym
10 Service Building
11 Tudbury Hall
12 555 Huntington Ave
13 Evans Way
14 610 Huntington Ave
15 Edward/Rodgers Hall
16 Baker Hall
17 525 Huntington Ave
18 Ira Allen Building
20 Annex Power Plant
21 Annex North
22 Annex Central
23 Annex South
24 Annex East