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Installing Printers on a PC

  1. Double click “Connect to Wentworth Printers” icon on your desktop.


    Note: If you have removed the "Connect to Wentworth Printers" shortcut, follow these directions:

    1. Hold the Windows Key to the left of the space bar and press "R".
    2. Type "\\" in the "Open" field that appears.
    3. Click OK

  2. Identify the printer you wish to use. Campus printers are named based on building location, room number, and printer model. Look for the label on the front of each printer or see this guide for help determining a printer's name.

    Note: The easiest way to print is with our Follow Me Printing service. Just install the "Wentworth Follow Me Printing Color" or "Wentworth Follow Me Printing B&W."

  3. Double click on the printer you need. This will install the driver for that printer and it will show up in your printer list.