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Printing, Plotting, and Scanning


Coming this Fall: Mobile Device Printing!

The easiest way to print on campus is using our Follow Me Printing service. This allows you to install one printer and pickup your job from any Follow Me Enabled device simply by tapping your ID card. Follow the directions to install a printer on your PC or install a printer on your Mac

You must be connected to the eduroam wireless network or a wired network port to access printing. Printing from the LeopardGuest wireless network is not supported. 

Print Quota

On-campus printing services are managed by an accounting system. After the add/drop period at the start of each semester, students will be given a quota to be used for printing and can purchase additional quota if needed. Learn more about print quotas.


High speed, color capable plotters are available on campus and in the studios for your convenience. Learn more about plotting.


Avoid the cost of making copies by scanning content to your email or OneDrive account. Learn more about scanning.

Reporting a Problem

Device not working? Out of paper or toner? Jammed? We electronically monitor device status across campus and respond accordingly. To expedite service, please contact the Tech Spot.