Sage Timberline

Installing Sage Timberline Office

  1. Before starting, make sure that you install and enable the required features in Windows. See the following link for instructions:
  2. Download and run the Sage Timberline Office package from LeopardWeb
  3. Windows may try to prevent you from installing the software. Click “More Info” and then 

  4. Click Next to begin the installation process
  5. Click next again to uninstall previous versions of Sag
  6. Click next to launch the installer for Sage
  7. The installer will copy some required dependencies to your computer.

  8. Click OK
  9. Click Run to open the installer

10.A window will appear saying the installation has finished, however the installer is still running in the background
11. Click “Install Software”

12. Click Next


13. Read and agree to the License Agreement, and then click next

14. Click Install

15. Wait for the installer to finish installing the prerequisite packages

16. Click Continue to start the main installation

17. Wait for the installation to finish
18. Keep the default location and click next

19. Select the following products to install—“Estimating Extended”, “License Manager”, “Means Integrator”, “Scheduling Integrator”, “Sample Databases Extended”

20. Enter “Wentworth Institute of Tech” for the registration name, and “LM” for the activation code for all the components.

21. Click Next to install the components

22. Wait for the installation to finish.

23. After the installation has finished, you must restart your computer

24. After you restart your computer and login, Sage will finish configuring itself, and will activate itself.