Primavera P6

1. Run Windows updates

2. Download and run the installer

3. A series of windows will show up in succession. Click “Next” on each until you reach a “Run” option. Click “Run”. Then, click “Install”.

4. Multiple windows will pop up. When a Java window pops up, click “Install”, and wait for it to finish. Then, click “Close”.

5. A Primavera window will show. Read it and click “Next”. Then, click “Typical, and click “Install”. A window with a progress bar will show. Before it finishes, a driver window will show. From the dropdown, select “P6 Standalone (SQLite)”. Then, click “Next”.

6. Select “Add a new standard database and connection”, then click “Next”.

7. In the password field type “admin”, then repeat it in the confirm password field. Then, click “Next”.

8. Make sure “Load Sample Data” is selected, then click “Next”, then “Finish”, then “Finish”, then “Finish” again. Your software is now installed.