Installing Labview and Multisim

Licensing Labview/Multisim 

  1. Download and Run the Labview installer package from LeopardWeb.
  2. Windows may attempt to block the installation, so click “More info” and then “Run Anyway”     

  3. Click Next to begin the installation process
  4. Click next again to uninstall previous versions of Labview/Multisim
  5. Click Run to launch the Labview/Multisim installer
  6. Click Run to launch the Labview/Multisim installer
  7. Fill in your name, phone number, email, and major under “User information”, and for the Cost Center, put “WIT.”
  8. Click “Copy all to computer” and then “Proceed”
  9. Click next

10. If you need to install multisim, make sure to expand “Academic Site License Circuit Design Software”, and right click to install Circuit Design Suite/Multisim

11. Uncheck the box to check for updates. Updates can be installed after the software is fully installed. Click next.       

12. Keep the defaults for installation paths, and then click Next.

13. Read and agree to the 2 sets of license terms, then click Next

14. Check to disable Windows fast startup, then click next   

15. Click next                         

16. Wait for the installation to complete.

16. If you chose to install Multisim, it will be installed next

18. After all the software is installed, click Next to continue

19. Click next again 

 20. Choose whether or not you wish to be contacted by NI

22. Click Finish to complete the installation

22. Close any open programs you have, and then click Yes to restart your computer.

Licensing Labview/Multisim/Ultiboard

  1.  Open the NI License Manager program

2. Select LabVIEW, and click Activate
3. Keep the default selected, and click Next

4. Click next again      

5.  If you have an NI profile, fill in your email and password to login and activate the software, and then repeat these steps for multisim. Otherwise, select create a new User Profile, and click Next    


6. Fill in your email address, password, first name last name, and Wentworth’s information for the organization. Click next

7. Read this page and agree to the terms. Then click next.

8. Click next.

9. Wait for the software to be activated

10. Click Finish

11. Repeat these steps for Multisim and Ultiboard