Wireless Access via LeopardGuest

About LeopardGuest Wireless network:

  • LeopardGuest is Available for Everyone to use! You do not need to have a Wentworth network account.
  • LeopardGuest is Available Everywhere! The LeopardGuest SSID is available everywhere on campus depending on your location.
  • Terms of Use: Use of the wireless network is covered by the Acceptable Use Policy. Please inform guests of this policy or print it out for them. Wentworth faculty and staff are responsible for their guests' activities on the network.
  • Guest Access Only: People connected to the LeopardGuest wireless network will not be able to access other Wentworth computing services.

How it Works

  • Open your wireless management tool to browse for an available SSID
  • Connect to LeopardGuest
  • Open your preferred web browser. Enter your email address and click connect. That's it! There is no configuration to set up. Simply click on connect, and you should be automatically connected regardless of what type of computer or OS you are using

Guest Wireless Access and Restrictions

The following services are available and restricted on LeopardGuest.

Available Services:

Restricted Services:

  • LeopardWeb
  • Wentworth Servers / Shared Drives
  • Printing
  • Video Game Consoles 
  • SSH
  • Some Alumni Library Database
  • Other non-HTTP or HTTPS traffic