Office 365 Groups

Do you manage a group - like a student project, EPIC project, or staff committee? Office 365 Groups to help you and your team stay connected and on track efficiently.

Best of all, you create and manage your group by yourself! No need to rely on your professor or wait for the Tech Spot. Just choose a group name, email address, and group members to get started. The group owner(s) can add or remove someone else at any time.

Why you might want an Office 365 Group?

  • Everyone can't be in the same place at the same time to meet.
  • You are preparing or sharing multiple documents and want to make sure everyone has access to them.
  • You may need to add team members or your professor later on and catch them up on group progress.
  • Keeping track to make sure everyone is copied on each email is time consuming.
  • Everyone has different notes and action items after a meeting, leading to confusion.

These features are automatically part of your Office 365 Group:

  • Group email address makes it easy to make sure everyone is copied on an email.
  • Shared chat, video, screen sharing, whiteboard, and more with Teams.
  • Create and share documents in OneDrive – not just in Word/Excel/PowerPoint but any file format!
  • Collaborate in real time with your classmates, viewing who’s making changes live.
  • Share a digital notebook with OneNote so everyone is on the same page. Perfect for meeting minutes, research notes, citations and more.
  • Assign and manage tasks, including progress, responsibility and completion with Planner.

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