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Sustainability: Faculty Contacts

To learn more about how sustainability plays a role in your major, please contact one of faculty members listed below:

College of Architecture, Design & Construction Management


Tom Lesko, Professor
Phil Comeau, Associate Professor 

Construction Management

Todd Johnson, Assistant Professor 

Industrial Design

Sam Montague, Department Chair 

Interior Design

Rachel Pike, Department Chair 
Peter Greenberg, Assistant Professor 

College of Arts & Sciences

Applied Mathematics

Amanda Hattaway, Department Chair 

Business Management

Rick Trilling, Associate Professor 

Facility Management

Richard Christiano, Assistant Professor 

Humanities and Social Sciences

Ronald Bernier, Department Chair 


Greg Sirokman, Assistant Professor 

College of Engineering & Technology

Biomedical Engineering

Shankar Krishnan, Department Chair 

Civil Engineering / Technology

Abigail Charest, Assistant Professor 
Henderson Pritchard, Associate Professor 
Gautham Das, Assistant Professor 

Computer Science / Networking

Tom Goulding, Department Chair 

Electrical Engineering / Technology

Ali Khabari, Department Chair

Mechanical Engineering / Technology

Mike Jackson, Department Chair