Based on Wentworth’s Student Learning Goals, all students are expected to be able to:

  • Recognize and apply concepts of ethical behavior to personal and public issues
  • Explain the sustainable use of human, physical, and economic resources
  • Recognize and identify historical and contemporary societal and global issues

Our academic programs include numerous courses focused on or related to sustainability, ranging from energy and building operations to environmental chemistry.  

Wentworth also provides a number of opportunities to pursue sustainability research. This includes co-op and work-study positions in campus sustainability, directed studies projects, and Accelerate: Wentworth's Innovation and Entrepreneurship Challenge.

Solar Panels
Students from the Wentworth Environmental Collaborative participated in a workshop in 2009 to fabricate solar panels from readily available materials, producing four 20-watt panels.

From left to right: Lifecycle Renewables CEO Rory Gaunt, Sales Executive Kurt Fisette, and Professor Greg Sirokman in front of the biodiesel processor. Here, they transform used vegetable oil (UVO) from the cafeteria into ASTM-grade biodiesel, a fuel that can be added to traditional diesel and generates lower GHG emissions. According to Professor Sirokman, “The vision for the lab is to give engineering students an opportunity to work on renewable energy projects, and gain a deeper appreciation for ancillary coursework such as chemistry.