Wentworth Fund Scholars Program

Invest in Student Access and Opportunity

The Challenge
One of the most significant challenges facing our country today is the tremendous disparity of opportunity. Wentworth is dedicated to expanding access to our university for all students across the socio-economic spectrum. We believe access should never be limited by a student’s financial circumstance.

College is expensive, and Wentworth is committed to controlling the costs while meeting the expectations of today’s students with contemporary majors, state-of-the-art facilities, and support programs that prepare them for personal and professional success. Wentworth sets aside $49 million for financial aid. Approximately 85% of our undergraduate student body receives assistance, with an average aid package of $14,000. But for some students, a Wentworth education and the many opportunities it offers remain out of reach. Even for those who are able to enroll, the financial challenges they face once they are here are often insurmountable.

The Opportunity
The Wentworth Fund Scholars Program helps students who might not otherwise afford our university. Awards defray the cost of tuition and release students from the worry and stress of unmanageable loan debt—a very real concern for today’s prospective students and their families. 

Your gift of $7,500 or more to the Wentworth Fund Scholars Program enhances our financial aid offerings and helps Wentworth attract a stronger and more diverse pool of students, enriching the learning opportunities for all.  In addition, your three-year commitment will provide a consistent and secure source of funding, allowing Wentworth the flexibility to invest in important program enhancements that benefit all students.

Our goal is to raise $2 million over the next few years. Your financial assistance will help us reach this goal and together we can ensure access to a Wentworth education to more than 150 talented and deserving incoming students.

To learn more, contact Katie DePrimo, Director of Annual Giving, at 617-989-4218 or via email at deprimok@wit.edu