Institutional Advancement

Our Mission:

The role of the Division of Institutional Advancement is to further the mission of Wentworth Institute of Technology. Wentworth Institute of Technology's mission is to empower, inspire, and innovate through experiential learning.

Our Vision:

The Division of Institutional Advancement raises Wentworth’s visibility and credibility, cultivates alumni and friends, and secures financial resources in support of Wentworth’s vision: To become nationally recognized as the university of choice for externally collaborative, project-based, interdisciplinary culture for learning. Our vision is to create top-of-mind presence among constituencies and visibility that will lead to support and advocacy from the private sector. We seek to create, sustain, and support a climate of respect, honesty, and compassion that values innovation, empowers the individual, recognizes talent, celebrates achievement, and fosters a spirit of open communication, mutuality, collaboration, teamwork, and fun.

Our Values:

  • Accountability
  • Hard work/commitment
  • Appreciation for higher education
  • Humility
  • Change Agents
  • Mission Driven
  • Collaboration
  • Mutual Respect
  • Flexibility
  • Planning
  • Growth mentality
  • Positivity

Institutional Advancement provides support, expertise, and leadership to:

  • Secure private financial resources for support of the Wentworth Fund, special projects, scholarships, the endowment, and other institutional programs and capital initiatives. 
  • Steward and recognize our supporters.
  • Provide information to the campus community about fundraising initiatives and constituency relations.
  • Engage our supporters and friends in the life of Wentworth through a variety of special events and other constituent specific initiatives.
  • Develop programming and benefits to strengthen alumni ties and encourage lifelong support of Wentworth.
  • Heighten regional and national awareness of our brand.
  • Foster creative and quality communications (internal and external) to keep stakeholders accurately informed about institutional achievements and progress toward educational excellence.
  • Engage the news media, build relationships with print, online, and broadcast representatives locally, regionally and nationally, in an effort to publicize the people, events, and educational offerings of the institution.