Giving Priorities

When you invest in Wentworth students you inspire them to dream big, empower them to transform ideas into action, and help them to pursue careers to change the world. These four fundraising efforts impact the student experience:


Student Access and Success

Education has the ability to transform lives. With 85% of students at Wentworth receive some level of financial aid or assistance, scholarships, and financial aid packages are essential to ensuring that the Wentworth campus remains a diverse cohort of talented students from every background and tradition. With your gift, the financial burdens that students and their families have to bear can be significantly reduced, allowing students to thrive without the concern of heavy debt.

Transformational Educational Experiences

Wentworth prides itself on its ability to give each student the attention that they need to thrive in the classroom, and in whatever academic endeavors they pursue outside the classroom. With an average class size of just 20 and a 15-to-1 faculty to student ratio, students are given the opportunity to work closely with each of their professors and achieve a more focused education. Grants allow faculty to innovate in the same manner as the students they teach, bringing another level of real-world application and experience to the students who learn through the experience and research of their professors.

Innovation in the Making

The physical environment in which students learn plays a vital role in their success. Maintaining state-of-the-art laboratories, classrooms, facilities, and other learning spaces is essential to giving the students of Wentworth the best possible education. In addition to keeping current buildings in conditions that cultivate success, new facilities must be built to accommodate Wentworth’s growth and house industry-standard tools.

Critical Needs

Gifts to the Wentworth Fund or Student Emergency Fund directly help students who may need a leg-up to continue to thrive in their education without having to worry about their financial situation. Gifts to these funds can allow students to make an impact on the world around them without having to worry about the impact that financial distress can have on their lives or the lives of their families.