Corporate & Foundation Relations

Services Offered to Corporations and Foundations

Wentworth seeks to develop relationships with companies and foundations that recognize the value in working with the next generation of leaders in engineering, technology, design, and management.

The Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations provides companies and foundations with access to an institution of higher education that integrates classroom laboratory, studio, cooperative and experiential learning in order to enable our graduates to become career-ready, skilled professionals and engaged citizens.

The Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations works to identify, cultivate, and strengthen mutually-beneficial relationships between the Institute and local, regional, and national corporations and foundations.

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Better Together: Engagement and Philanthropic Opportunities for Industry Partners


Opportunities for Corporate Partnerships

The following are many of the valuable opportunities that are available to our corporate partners:

  • Strategic philanthropy that advances both Wentworth’s priorities and the company’s business and social responsibility needs;
  • Co-ops and permanent hires to help the company maintain and enhance its success;
  • Strategic events and programmatic sponsorships that enable companies to achieve their marketing goals while also supporting students and faculty;
  • Gifts-in-kind opportunities;
  • Employee engagement opportunities that bring Wentworth alumni and others to our campus to meet and engage with our students, faculty, and alumni; and
  • Customized corporate-education/workforce development programs.

Wentworth offers our corporate partners numerous distinct recognition and visibility opportunities throughout the year.

Opportunities for Foundation Relationships

The Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations strives to match foundation priorities with the Institute’s projects, programs, research, capital efforts, and other academic or strategic initiatives. Through this process, we introduce foundation representatives to appropriate administrators, faculty, staff, and students in order to develop and strengthen mutually-beneficial, ongoing relationships. To date, collaborations with numerous local and regional foundations have proven beneficial and enriching for all parties.

Contact Information

To discover how your company or foundation may benefit from a partnership with Wentworth Institute of Technology, please contact:

Lori Friedman
Executive Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations and Strategic Industry Engagement

Beth Curtis
Associate Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations

Meredith Eppel Jylkka
Assistant Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations