Program Summary

Three phases of summer program:

Observation: Observation initiates an intensive investigation and experience of site. Working together, participants measure, map and document their respective sites. Students will work through photography, photo editing, hand modeling, and analogue and digital drawing. In this first week of the course, participants will also be introduced to foundational architectural drawing/representation, history, and theory.

Analysis: During this phase participants will identify and describe, both verbally and visually, aspects and qualities of their site and its context. From these conclusions, students will embark on designing a unique architectural intervention in physical space to be realized through digital production. Student will be introduced to more advanced software, including 3D modeling and rendering programs, during this phase.

Build: Working together and with their instructors, students will develop and refine their design proposals and learn how to represent and present their ideas and final project. Students will be introduced to more advanced software and programs typical to master’s level architecture education, including parametric design and video animation. Students are not expected to learn these advanced software. This phase concludes with a final online exhibition and celebration of all the work.​

Learning Objectives and Benefits

What does a participant gain from this program?

  • Visualization skills needed to express ideas, resulting in valuable portfolio material. 
  • Insight into the profession of architecture through exposure to working professionals benefits of a collaborative studio environment. 
  • Benefits of a collaborative studio environment. 
  • Experience how ideas become realized digitally and remotely.
  • College level credits will be offered for successful completion
  • A one-time, $1,500 tuition scholarship upon enrolling as a first-time participant in Wentworth’s Bachelor of Science in Architecture program. 
  • Working with Wentworth professors and graduate students. 

Sample Schedule

  • The 3-week program runs from July 6, 2020 to July 24, 2020.
  • The program is a full-day program with coursework and meetings beginning at 9:00 a.m. and ending at 5:00 p.m.
  • Days will begin with mini-lectures covering foundational knowledge of architecture history, theory, and practice; followed by application in analogue making workshops in the morning; and conclude with digital workshops and time to experiment in studio in the afternoon.
  • A final presentation and closing celebration will occur on July 24th.