Outside Party Provider Programs

Building view of European city

Wentworth students interested in independent study abroad, not through one of the Institute's Faculty-led or Exchanges, may work with Outside Party Providers and the Colleges of the Fenway Global Education Opportunities (GEO) Center.* Students interested in going through an Outside Party Provider will coordinate with Rebecca Bacon and the COF database. To learn more information, please fill out the Study Abroad Advising Form.

If you are applying to a program offered by an organization or institution other than Wentworth Institute of Technology, you will need to submit both a Colleges of the Fenway (COF) application and an application to the provider. These two applications will run parallel to each other. When you click the 'Begin Application' button for the program, you will receive instructions to complete both application forms. Please complete all necessary forms so that you can move forward in your application process and be that much closer to going abroad!

Students will work primarily with the Colleges of Fenway GEO Center, but should first contact their Department Chairs and advisers to review curriculum requirements. Once they have decided to study abroad, please follow the process for student travel with an Outside Party Provider.

*Please note that Wentworth is not responsible for and is not a sponsor or participant in the programming offered by any Outside Party Provider. Wentworth makes no assurances or warranties ;concerning any programs offered by Outside Party Providers to which students may be referred by the GEO Center. Please be an educated consumer and investigate programs concerning such issues as course content, the policies and procedures of the host institution, housing/food, medical services and safety of the host institution, housing, community and country. Please also note - while the GEO Center is a resource for study abroad through an Outside Party Provider, the Provider has ultimate responsibility for the program.