John P. Heinstadt Professional Development Grant Fund for Students

The grant is closed for the 2018-2019 year. New grant applications will be accepted starting July 1, 2019. 

The John P. Heinstadt Professional Development Grant Fund for Students gives Wentworth students the ability to take advantage of career, leadership, social justice, and community development opportunities. It has been utilized to help students attend national conferences, present papers, compete in academic competitions, and other ways that help them develop. Submit all applications electronically to A committee will review the application and typically responds within three business days.

Those who have already received funding from the grant cannot reapply for the same event. This includes clubs, who are returning to the same conference, even if the membership is different from the previous trip or it is held in a different city. Clubs should budget for reoccurring trips and not rely on funding from the grant. Individuals and groups who have previously received funding are welcome to apply for different events, conferences, and opportunities. 

What is the Professional Development Grant? 

Professional development may occur on or off campus. On campus activities that meet one of the above listed areas of professional development may be eligible for funding. Additionally, the grants aid student groups or individual students in attending various professional development opportunities, including workshops, symposia, conferences, competitions, lectures, networking events, or other activities which support students’ professional development. Funds are not available as part of a graded course activity. The grants are intended to assist students with some of the expenses, including travel, registration, and/or lodging, of the professional development activity. Grants do not cover meals during the professional development experience.


Students who wish to apply for a grant must be currently enrolled at Wentworth Institute of Technology, must be currently enrolled at the time of the professional development experience, and must be in good academic & disciplinary standing at the time of the experience. Student groups applying for a grant must be registered with the Center for Student Engagement . The events/activities must relate to one of the professional development areas listed above. Students should not seek a grant as reimbursement for any past event or activity.

Application Process

Students must submit a written request for funding at least one month prior to the event or activity. This request must include a substantial summary of the professional development opportunity and an estimated budget. The summary must also indicate how the event/activity will support the student’s professional development. This request must be sent via email to Carissa Durfee, Director of Student Engagement, at

The request will be reviewed by a committee of staff & faculty members. Students will be notified of the acceptance or non-acceptance of the grant application. Students should not assume that they are guaranteed funding when submitting an application.

Grants awarded to student groups will be distributed through their Student Engagement Advisor. Groups will complete a post-event assessment. An individual student who is not affiliated with a student group will meet with the Director of Student Engagement before and after the event.

A complete application includes the following:

 Overview Sheet

  • Student’s name -or- name of student group
  • Current contact information, major, graduation year, and Wentworth ID#
  • Name and date of event/activity
  • Amount being requested from grant
  • Indicate which of the four themes: career exploration, leadership development, promotion of social justice, service to the community is/are being met (explanation of how the theme is being met should be included in the documentation).


  • Summary of the professional development activity
  • Explain the relation of activity/event to at least one of the four grant themes: career exploration, leadership development, promotion of social justice, and/or service to the community.
  • Relevance to the applicant’s professional development and personal goals
  • A detailed budget, which includes a projected expense report, summary of organization and/or individual contributions, and a listing of all fundraising activities to date

Grant Requirement 

Students or student groups who receive a professional development grant must create a visual representation of their experience. This will be highlighted through a poster presentation at The Wentworth Expo on Wednesday, March 20, 2019 from 4PM-6PM. If you are unable to attend this event, you must make arrangements with Carissa Durfee. This representation may be in the form of a video, photo gallery, website, or power point presentation. Your project should represent your experience. Your visual representation will be used to inform the Wentworth community of your event and the Professional Development Grant.