Special Interest Organizations

Special Interest Organizations seek to promote the overall well-being of students at Wentworth by providing an outlet for social interaction through a common interest. Special Interest Organizations are organizations that are not directly academic and do not participate in athletic competition.

The Adventurer's Guild (TAG)

Explore, play and advise on all hobbies and games that can be considered a board game, or a collectible hobby. These games are, but not limited to Pathfinder, Dungeons and Dragons, Magic the Gathering, Card Games, Board Games, etc. Some hobbies that will also be explored are, but not limited to are collecting comic books, trading cards, making and playing with Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures and fields, Making and playing with Warhammer 40K miniatures, etc.

Meeting Times and Location: TBA
Contact Information: tag@wit.edu 

COF Smash Club

Provide a comfortable environment in which enthusiasts of the Super Smash Brothers franchise can gather and play, improve their skills, and meet new people with their shared interest. We hope to help foster a sense of community and competiveness, similar to the one present in the Super Smash Bros. competitive scene worldwide. We also aim to inform others about the tenets and overall rules of the competitive community, and encourage these ideals whenever possible. While we may share some similarities to the CVGC, we will play and focus on Super Smash Brothers only, and we plan to foster more competitive tournaments and play. We intend to get all members more into the most competitive game of the series Super Smash Bros Melee as well as keeping a healthy interest in the other games of the series. This club aims to make the Colleges of the Fenway an important part of the New England Smash scene.

Meeting Times and Location: TBA
Contact Information: cofsmash@wit.edu 

Competitive Video Gaming Club (CVGC)

Wentworth's Competitive Video Gaming Club is a great way to get out and meet fellow gamers and have some fun in the process. The CVGC frequently holds gaming tournaments and LAN parties through out the Fall and Spring semesters. Weather your a casual gamer or really competitive, they hold enjoyable events where everyone has a chance to get a price regardless of play level.

Meeting Times and Location: TBD
Contact Information: cvgc@wit.edu 

League of Leopards (LoL@WIT)

A community where fans and players of League of Legends can play, talk, and meet new friends.

Meeting Times and Location: TBA
Contact Information: leagueofleopards@wit.edu 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/363782967100999/ 

Mobile Application Development and Design Club (MADD)

Providing resources, training, and help to anyone looking to develop Mobile Applications for Apple's iOS and Google's Android. Our goal is to educate and inspire students who would like to try out mobile application development and work in a collaborative team.

We want to help everyone: from veteran programmers, to those who have always wanted to give programming a shot, but had never been offered the chance. Our purpose is to create amazing software and make a difference in the world.

Meeting Times and Location: TBD
Contact Information: madd@wit.edu 

Note-oriety (A Capella)

Wentworth’s premier A Cappella group, Note-oriety, is one of Boston’s up and coming musical talents. A group of enthusiastic and talented Wentworth singers and vocal percussionists, Note-oriety is the first and only of its kind on campus. It is a co-ed group open to all Wentworth students who are interested in singing.They practice once or twice a week and work on a variety of music including pop, top 40s, classics, and R&B. Even though Note-oriety has just gotten its feet on the ground, they have big plans for the future.  Be on the lookout for impromptu performances and random acts of singing around campus!

Meeting Times and Location: TBD
Contact Information: TBD

Wentworth Billiards Society

The purpose of the organization is to reassure that the pool equipment at Wentworth is being used properly. We plan on fundraising to help with the maintenance and to provide input for the preexisting funding that is used towards all billiards equipment. Lastly, we host pool tournaments for both the general student population and pool club members only.

Meeting Times and Location: TBD
Contact Information: TBD

Wentworth Chess Club (WCC)

A friendly club about playing, teaching, and studying the strategies behind the game of chess.

Meeting Times and Location: TBA
Contact Information: chess@wit.edu 

Wentworth Environmental Collaborative (WECo)

To encourage sustainable teaching and lifestyles in students and administration. A club for developing students professional environmental skills.

Meeting Times and Location: TBD
Contact Information: greenteam@wit.edu 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/witgreenteam
Twitter: @WITEnviroCollab

Wentworth Game Development Club (WGDC)

Student group collaborating together to make videogames. Sharpening members skills in the field of Game Development primarily through iterative projects, game jams, member lectures, or professional talks.
The Game Development club is focused around people who are serious about developing games. The club encompasses all areas of game making (Programming, Art, Game Design, Music) and is open to all. The club is a project based club, so members will be constantly sharpening skills and learning new and better ways to create games. Come to sharpen, or learn, game development skills (e.g. AI, Character art), and push yourself towards a better understanding of these fields altogether.

Meeting Times and Location: TBD
Contact Information: wgdc@wit.edu 

Wentworth Events Board (WEB)

The Wentworth Events Board (WEB) is a student-run organization that thrives off of its highly energetic and dedicated members. WEB is committed to providing the very best in entertainment for the Wentworth community throughout the academic year while fostering leadership and responsibility within its members. 

WEB relies heavily on the volunteer efforts of its General Members, who support five elected Committee Coordinators in the planning and implementation of every event. The five Committees (Performing Arts, Daytime, Travel/Special, Beaux Arts Ball, and Public Relations) provide the basis for WEB's events. The Committees find great local talent, keep up with popular event planning trends, and choose events that appeal to the entire Wentworth community.

Meeting Times and Location: Wednesdays at 6pm, 610 Lobby
Contact Information: events@wit.edu 
Website: www.wit.edu/WEB
Instagram: @WITevents
Twitter: @WITevents

Wentworth Hip Hop Club

Wentworth Hip-Hop is a hip hop dance culture group. While Hip-Hop includes many different styles of dance, our group primarily focus on breakdancing and popping.  These styles of dance allows members to learn and express themselves through movement and creativity. The purpose of the group is to teach dance to new students who are interested, develop current practitioners, and also to bring new styles of dance together to form a community. We are a bunch of students that goof around and also dance. 

Meeting Times and Location: TBD
Contact Information: TBD

Wentworth Internet Radio Experience (WIRE)

For over 10 years WIRE had provided the world with cutting-edge and innovative programming. As a completely student-run organization, WIRE provides some of the most diverse, interesting and engrossing broadcasting available . As an internet radio station, WIRE isn't regulated or inhibited by the FCC, allowing for an extraordinary degree of freedom and creative expression, as well as the opportunity for anyone on Earth to tune in.

WIRE is a creative hub that is able to draw from the vast resources that its surrounding community contains, as well as give back to those around us through our passion for -- and practice of -- the audio arts.

Meeting Times and Location: TBD
Contact Information: wire@wit.edu 
Website: wire.wit.edu 

Wentworth Outing Club (WITOC)

The purpose of the outdoors club is to provide and promote a venue for students to participate in outdoor activities both on and off campus.  These include but are not limited to, hiking, camping, boating, and climbing. With a planned trip a month we provide many opportunities to get students out of the dorms and outside. Going to the trips is a great way to meet new people while having a fun time. Even though we plan trips as a group we are open to all ideas and will plan additional trips where there is interest. Since most events are just to get outdoors they provide enjoyment for all skill levels. Let's do it outside!

Meeting Times and Location: TBD
Contact Information: witoutingclub@wit.edu 

Wentworth Self Defense Club

This club is meant to be an informative club about self- defense. This club teaches people how to defend themselves from a variety of situations, which might occur at any time. These include blocks and strikes like parries, punches, kicks. Also this club provides training in Tang Soo Do by certified instructors. This includes all the forms techniques and maneuvers associated with the system. The students are learning the techniques and skills to be able to pass on the knowledge to other students in the future when the current instructors are no longer available.

Meeting Times and Location: TBD
Contact Information: selfdefense@wit.edu 

Wentworth Ski and Snowboard Club (WITSki)

WIT Ski exists to promote downhill winter sports in the Wentworth community. Sports such as skiing and snowboarding are challenging and healthy, yet fun, ways for the Wentworth community to recreate. As a club, WIT Ski will facilitate trips to mountains where the membership can participate in these sports on their own, with friends, or take lessons. WIT Ski will work to increase access to downhill winter sports for the Wentworth community through affordable transportation and lift tickets. 

Meeting Times and Location: TBD
Contact Information: ski@wit.edu
Website: http://wentworthski.weebly.com/ 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wentworthski 
Instagram: @WentworthSkiandSnow
Twitter: @WentworthSnow

Wentworth Student Government (WSG)

The purpose of WSG shall be: to act as a conduit between the students, faculty, and staff of Wentworth Institute of Technology; to encourage responsibility through democratic self‐governance; to work with administration to influence educational programs, student life, and administrative management of the Institute; and to further the interests of the student body.

Meeting Times and Locations: Mondays at 6pm, Beatty 432
Contact Information: wsg@wit.edu 
Website: wsg.wit.edu
Twitter: @wsgwit

Wentworth Veterans Club (WIT-VET)

The purpose of this organization is to provide the veterans and ROTC members at Wentworth Institute of Technology an atmosphere of support and comradery. The reason for the organization’s existence is to promote awareness of veterans and military member’s students and community, maintain a high academic standard, pride, tradition, integrity, leadership, and respect within the Wentworth community.

Meeting Times and Locations: TBD
Contact Information: veterans@wit.edu 

Our student clubs and organizations find success out of the classroom thanks to the generosity of alumni, parent, and community donors. To make your gift in support of student clubs and organizations please follow this link, and type the student club or organization in the area below titled "additional gift instructions."