Campus Climate Committee

Committee's Charge

  • Have all committee members trained regarding the compliance requirements of Title IX.

  • Develop a comprehensive list of the current offerings of trainings and resources on campus related to Title IX and review for completeness.

  • Analyze the survey results and review the recommendations.

  • Form sub-groups who will work, with the co-chairs, to develop and implement programs and professional development resources related to Title IX and present a plan of action to President.

  • Present survey results and subsequent plan of action to faculty/staff and students.


Anne Gill, Vice-President for Human Resources/Title IX Coordinator, committee co-chair

Annamaria Wenner, Vice-President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students, committee co-chair

Diane Rosse, General Counsel

Student Programming sub-committee

Jenn Kosses, Assistant Dean of Students, sub-committee co-chair

Ryan Rogers, Assistant Professor, Sciences; College of Arts and Sciences, sub-committee co-chair 

Cheryl Aaron, Director of Athletics

Erik Simon, Assistant Professor, Construction Management; College of Architecture, Design and Construction Management 

Claudio Santiago, Utlility Coordinator, Physical Plant

William Powers, Chief, Department of Public Safety

Communications sub-committee

Caleb Cochran, Director of Communication, Marketing and Public Relations, sub-committee co-chair

Amy Intille, Chief of Staff, sub-committee co-chair

Peter Fowler, Associate Dean of Students

Dennis Nealon, Associate Director, Public Affairs and Marketing

Lauren Margharita, Associate Director, Student Financial Services 

Mark Pasnik, Professor, Architecture; College of Architecture, Design and Construction Management 

Faculty/Staff training sub-committee

Tes Zakrzewski, Director of Learning Innovation and Technology, sub-committee co-chair

Nicholas Park, Assistant Professor, Humanities and Social Sciences; College of Arts and Sciences,sub-committee co-chair 

Brian Burns, Director of Compliance and Risk Management

Nakisa Alborz, Department Chair, Interdisciplinary Engineering; College of Engineering and Technology 

Patricia Osgood, Director, Student Financial Services

Paul Galligan, Maintenance Painter A, Physical Plant

Annamaria Wenner, Vice-President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students

Full Committee meetings:

December 3, 2015

January 7, 2016

February 11, 2016

March 10, 2016

April 14, 2016

May 12, 2016

Questions about the committee can be directed to the co-chairs, Annamaria Wenner (, 617-989-4410) or Anne Gill (, 617-989-4193).