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Family Orientation Recap

Did you miss Family Orientation?  Or were you looking for a refresher on what sessions you attended? Don't worry! We've got everything you're missing right here!

Wentworth Family

During New Student Orientation families were treated to a dynamic day of information designed to help your student (and you!) transition to Wentworth this fall. Below are some of the presentations from the day, as well as contacts if you have additional questions.  

If you have additional questions please email the orientation team at 

Stay Connected to Wentworth

Families of new students are invited to fill out this short form in order to stay connected to Wentworth.  By completing the form you'll get email newsletters and other updates from Wentworth.  

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Family Orientation Presentations

The Student Service Center (Financial Aid, Billing and the Registrar's Office)

In this session families saw a more indepth look at the e-bill, learned about FERPA and the FERPA waiver, and heard about the college health insurance and how to waive it if your student is still on their family health plan.  Then the registrar's office went over things like AP scores, transcripts and how your student 

Accompanying handout

For questions about Financial Aid, Billing or Course Registration please contact the Student Service Center at or 617-989-4020


Partnering with Families for Student Success

In this session, members of the Division of Student Affairs and Financial Aid and Billing spoke to families about a variety of topics, including billing, health insurance and tips to help your student with their transition to college life.  The presentation even included quotes from families of students who were new to Wentworth last fall. 

Accompanying handouts

For questions about student affairs please contact the Division of Student Affairs at or 617-989-4702 

Housing Information

In this session, Office of Housing and Residential Life spoke about things to bring, and not to bring to Wentworth, housing policies and meal plans.  

Accompanying handouts:

For questions please contact the Office of Housing and Residential Life at 

Commuter Information

In this session Rebecca Ryan of the Center for Student Engagement spoke to families about how to help your commuter have a fulfilling time at Wentworth, as well as navigating public transportation and ordering T-passes for the semester.  

Accompanying Handout

For questions please contact Rebecca at or   

Dean's Address

In this session Dean of Students Annamaria Wenner, along with Associate Dean Peter Fowler and Assistant Dean Jen Kosses, gave a powerful presentation about some of the struggles your students may face at Wentworth, For questions please contact any of the Deans in the Office of Student Affairs at


Family Orientation Handouts

In addition to the handouts included above, we have uploaded any additional information that was provided in this year's Family Orientation folders.

For your convenience we have grouped them into helpful areas below.

Supporting your Student through the transition to Wentworth

Paperwork and deadlines for new students

Setting things up - Fenway Card, Technology and more

Optional services/programs your student may enjoy