Student Experience Diversity Committee

student experience logoThe Student Experience Diversity Committee promotes an environment where identity, beliefs and values are explored in an effort to create self-awareness and perspective taking. The committee recognizes and celebrates difference as an instrument for dialogue, compassion and education within a community that respects and values the full and equal inclusion of its members.

Programs Include:

  • Safe Space
  • Diversity Link
  • Faculty and Staff Training
  • Study Abroad Promotions
  • PERSPECTIVES: Exploring Social Issues
  • Monthly Meetings
  • Brown Bag Discussions
  • Cosponsorship of Student Events

Diversity Fund

The Student Experience Diversity Committee has established a diversity fund to assist departments, campus groups, or student organizations with their diversity programming efforts. To be eligible for cosponsorship from the Diversity Fund, the planned program must meet one of ten program outcomes listed on the request form. To access the Diversity Fund request form, click here.

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Student Experience Diversity Committee