Commuter Assistants

Let us be a part of your daily commute!

Commuter Assistants are hired student leaders that are here to serve all commuters at Wentworth! Here are a few things that Commuter Assistants do:

  • Plan, run and attend social and educational programs for commuters
  • Advocate for commuters at Wentworth Student Government meetings and within the Wentworth community.
  • Serve as role models for commuter students at Wentworth.
  • Hold office hours in the campus center to answer questions and provide resources to commuter students.
  • Get to know commuter students and work to create a commuter community on campus.
  • Collaborate with campus services and student organizations on campus to encourage commuter involvement.
  • Act as liaisons for commuters by meeting regularly with the Coordinator of Commuter Student Programs.

Commuter Assistants are commuters too! They have experience balancing classes, homework, projects, off-campus jobs, and responsibilities at home. They understand commuter challenges like  how to manage your time, get involved, and how to make the effort to meet other students. Read more about each Commuter Assistant below to see how they became involved in the Wentworth community, their advice for other commuters, and where they spend time around and near campus when they are away from home.

Meet our Commuter Assistants

Bryan Schartel

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Minor: Manufacturing

About Me: 

I am originally from Bernville, PA, but live in Norwood, MA currently.  I commuted to and from Wentworth on the Orange line and on busses all of my freshman year. I know it can seem daunting having to commute and manage your time wisely but it is completely possible!  Getting involved is a great way to get to know others.  There are plenty of clubs and activities on campus that can engage you both socially and mentally. My main piece of advice is: "Always ask!"  If you don’t ask questions, how will you ever get the answers?

 Where I spend time on campus:

The Pool Room

Favorite off-campus location: 

Involvement on campus:

  • Wentworth Leadership Institute, Phase 1&2
  • Student Leader for NSO and WOW
  • Billiards Society
  • Phi Sigma Pi


Gustavo Arnal

Major: Biomedical Engineering

About Me: 

I am from Venezuela, I moved to the US a few years ago. I currently commute from Milton, MA and my time at Wentworth has been great and full of valuable experiences. When I first came to Wentworth, one of my biggest worries was how I would fit in being a commuter. The many events the Commuter Assistants set up at the time, really helped me to get to meet people and become more involved though. That’s the reason I decided to become a Commuter Assistant myself, because I get to help others fit in now. Feel free to approach me whenever you have a question or comment, I will help you out!

Where I spend my time on campus:

Pool Room and Ira Allen

Favorite off campus-location: 

Boston Commons

Involvement on campus:

  • Vice-President of the Pool Club
  • Research for the Science Department