Campus Climate Committee

Committee's Charge

  • Have all committee members trained regarding the compliance requirements of Title IX.

  • Develop a comprehensive list of the current offerings of trainings and resources on campus related to Title IX and review for completeness.

  • Analyze the survey results and review the recommendations.

  • Form sub-groups who will work, with the co-chairs, to develop and implement programs and professional development resources related to Title IX and present a plan of action to President.

  • Present survey results and subsequent plan of action to faculty/staff and students.


Margaret Card, Interim Vice-President for Human Resources/Title IX Coordinator, committee co-chair

Annamaria Wenner, Vice-President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students, committee co-chair

Diane Rosse, General Counsel

Student Programming sub-committee

Jenn Kosses, Assistant Dean of Students, sub-committee co-chair

Ryan Rogers, Assistant Professor, Sciences; College of Arts and Sciences, sub-committee co-chair 

Cheryl Aaron, Director of Athletics

Erik Simon, Assistant Professor, Construction Management; College of Architecture, Design and Construction Management 

Claudio Santiago, Utlility Coordinator, Physical Plant

William Powers, Chief, Department of Public Safety

Communications sub-committee

Amy Intille, Chief of Staff, sub-committee chair

Peter Fowler, Associate Dean of Students

Dennis Nealon, Associate Director, Public Affairs and Marketing

Lauren Margharita, Associate Director, Student Financial Services 

Mark Pasnik, Professor, Architecture; College of Architecture, Design and Construction Management 

Faculty/Staff training sub-committee

Tes Zakrzewski, Director of Learning Innovation and Technology, sub-committee co-chair

Lynette Panarelli, Assistant Professor; College of Architecture, Design and Construction Management, sub-committee co-chair 

Brian Burns, Director of Compliance and Risk Management

Nakisa Alborz, Department Chair, Interdisciplinary Engineering; College of Engineering and Technology 

Patricia Osgood, Director, Student Financial Services

Annamaria Wenner, Vice-President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students

Full Committee meetings:


December 3


January 7, February 11, March 10, April 14, May 12, June 9, July 14, August 11, September 13, October 11, November 8, December 13


January 10

Questions about the committee can be directed to the co-chairs, Annamaria Wenner (, 617-989-4410) or Margaret Card (, 617-989-4193).