Disability Forms

Disclosure Form

This form must be filled out by all students wishing to receive accommodations through the Center for Wellness.
Please note: Submission of this form is not the same as the request for services or accommodations.

Medical Information to Document a Disability

This form must be completed by Psychiatrist/Clinical Psychologist/Neuropsychologist/Diagnosing Physician. This form can be used to document AD/HD, psychiatric disabilities traumatic brain injuries, and other medical disabilities.

Alternate Format Course Material Request Form

Students who have met with the Center for Wellness and qualify for course materials in alternate formats must fill out this form and turn it in to the Center for Wellness.  Procurement of alternate format course materials can take approximately 2-6 weeks and it is strongly suggested that forms are submitted immediately after course registration.   

Meal Plan Accommodation Request Form

Please see the Medical Meal Plan Accommodation Process in the Policies and Procedures section for details. 

Medical Care Provider Form 

Visit the Housing Accommodation page for the full process.