Academic Accommodation Process

Appropriate services and accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis. Students with questions about eligibility for services are encouraged to contact Disability Services.

Responsibilities of the Student:

  1. Disclose student's disability by completing the Disclosure Form.
  2. Provide Accessibility Services with appropriate medical, psychological, psychoeducational, or neuropsychological documentation, indicating his/her disability, resultant functional limitations, impact of the disability in a post-secondary environment, and any recommended accommodations.
    * Submission of documentation is not the same as the request for services or accommodations.
  3. Schedule an intake appointment with Accessibility Services to discuss psychiatric/medical/academic history, strengths, previous modifications, and to determine reasonable accommodations.
    * After meeting with Disability Services, it is the student's responsibility to meet with professor(s) to discuss logistics of any accommodations.
  4. Meet with Accessibility Services each semester to request accommodations. The student should bring a copy of his/her class schedule if it is available.
    * The deadline to request accommodations is three weeks prior to the last day of classes each semester.

What is a Reasonable Accommodation?

  • A reasonable accommodation is a modification or adjustment to a course, program, service, or activity that enables a qualified student with a disability to obtain equal access.
  • Equal access means an opportunity to attain the same level of performance or to enjoy equal benefits and privileges as are available to a similarly situated student without a disability.
  • Essential elements of courses, programs, and activities must remain intact.

How to Set Up Accommodations with Faculty

You are not required to disclose your specific disability.

  1. You will receive your Accommodation Memo by email
  2. Forward the email to ALL of your Professors and set up a time to meet with EACH professor
  3. At the meeting, discuss the logistics (for example extended time for tests, date, time, location) for your accommodations

Refer faculty to The Center for Wellness at (617-989-4390) for questions

Housing and Residential Life Accommodation Processes

Deadlines for Housing Accommodation Requests

  • Summer Students - January 16th (For Summer Semester only)
  • Current Students -March 1st (For Fall & Spring Semester)
  • Incoming First Year Students–June 16th (For Fall & Spring Semester)
  • Currently Off Campus or Transfer Students - December 1st (For Spring Semester only)

Applications submitted after the above dates will be considered. However, placement based on late requests, including any needs that develop during the semester, cannot be guaranteed.

Medical Housing Accommodation Process

Living within a community of shared spaces can be challenging. However, requests for specific housing based on preferences rather than documented medical conditions will not be approved. Please be aware that residence halls are not designed to be quiet and distraction-free environments and there are no substantial differences between single and standard double rooms. The Institute provides access to alternative spaces outside of the residence hall rooms to be used for studying.

*To reside on campus, with or without housing accommodations, students must have paid the housing deposit and be in good disciplinary standing with the Institute


To request a new housing accommodation for a medical disability:

Step 1: Complete the online request form.

Step 2: Have your medical provider complete and submit the Medical documentation form. It must include the following:

  • Medical Diagnosis 
  • Fundamental impact diagnosis has on the residential program
  • Specific housing accommodation that alleviates barrier(s) caused by medical condition

The medical documentation form can be submitted via fax at 617-989-4571 or by mail to:

The Center for Wellness

550 Huntington Ave

Boston, MA 02115

The information provided (request form and medical documentation) will be evaluated by the Housing Accommodation Committee. Accommodation decisions are e-mailed to students.  Decisions may include specific room assignments or suggestions for housing options.


To renew a previously approved medical housing accommodation:

Step 1: Complete the online renewal form.

*Students must reapply for accommodations every year.


Meal Plan Accommodation Process

1. If you have a documented medical condition that impacts your dietary needs, please contact Chartwells Director of Dining Services for the Colleges of the Fenway directly at 617-989-4253 to schedule an appointment to discuss dining needs and establish a campus dining plan. You MUST bring the Medical Diet Accommodation Procedure Checklist to be filled out with the Director of Dining Services.

  • Dine on Students with individual campus dining plans must work with a Chartwells Manager on Duty for all special ordering, i.e. Diary Free, Gluten Free, etc. All managers are posted at the main entrance of the cafeteria. There are at least 3 managers on duty at all times. A complete staff list can be found on the Campus website.

2. IF it is determined that additional support is needed, students must submit the completed Medical Diet Accommodation Procedure Checklist to The Center for Wellness and complete the Meal Plan Accommodation Request Form.

  • Please note request forms will not be reviewed until the student has met with Chartwells Director of Dining Services for the Colleges of the Fenway and completed the Medical Diet Accommodation Procedure Checklist

In addition to the form and checklist, applicants must provide current medical documentation including the following:

  • Medical Diagnosis
  • Specific symptoms mitigated by dietary restriction
  • Detailed diet

The request and accompanying documentation should be submitted to the Center for Wellness. Student Health Services staff is contacted for consultation as needed. The Center for Wellness shares recommendations with the Director of Business Services.  All medical documentation is kept confidential.

Students are expected to exercise responsibility for selecting appropriate foods required by medical diets. Waivers are not granted for financial reasons or for reasons of dietary preferences. All requests are considered on an individual basis. Meal plan waivers are granted on a semester-by-semester basis unless otherwise noted.

Information for students with approved Meal Plan Accommodations

  • To submit a question or concern about Meal Plan Accommodations, please go to:
  1. Email Chartwells Feedback
  2. Text 617-863-2200 for Text 2 Solve

Non-medical Housing and Meal Plan Accommodations

Students requesting a meal plan waiver for cultural or religious beliefs should submit their request for a waiver in writing accompanied by confirming documentation from parents or family members and from a religious or a cultural leader familiar with the student's beliefs and practices who can confirm the authenticity of the request. These requests should be submitted to the Director of Business Services.


Assistance Animal Procedure

Wentworth Institute of Technology is committed to providing access to residential programs for students with disabilities.  In consideration of the health and safety of the campus community, Wentworth restricts the presence of animals in the residence halls. However, in accordance with the Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988, the Institute will accommodate students with disabilities who require the use of assistance animals. An assistance animal is one that is necessary for the person with a disability to access and enjoy the on-campus dwelling and there is an identifiable relationship or nexus between the disability and the assistance the animal provides.  The process to request a housing accommodation for an assistance animal is as follows:

  1. Complete the Assistance Animal Request Form
  2. Current health and vaccination records per Massachusetts law
  3. Provide all documentation requested on the Assistance Animal Medical Documentation Form

The medical documentation form can be submitted via fax at 617-989-4571 or by mail to:

The Center for Wellness

550 Huntington Ave

Boston, MA 02115

The information provided (request form and medical documentation) will be evaluated by the Housing Accommodation Committee. Accommodation decisions are e-mailed to students. 

Conflicting Needs/Health Concerns

The Center for Wellness and the Office of Housing and Residential Life will take steps to notify the relevant members of the community of the presence of animals on campus. Individuals with health or safety-related concerns or medical conditions impacted by the presence of animals should contact the Center for Wellness.

Appeals Process

Students who are not granted accommodations through these processes can appeal the decision via e-mail at within 5 business days of receiving the decision. Appeal requests must state a specific reason for reconsideration. The appeal will be reviewed by the Center for Wellness in coordination with other relevant personnel. 


Temporary Impairment Policy

Wentworth subscribes to the policies set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008 (ADAAA) and in Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, which mandate equal opportunity in educational programs and activities for students with disabilities. A temporary impairment is not considered a disability. Although the Institute is not required by law to assist students with temporary impairments, on a case by case basis, the Center for Wellness will attempt to facilitate the student’s inclusion into the Wentworth community. Timely, honest communication regarding the circumstances around the temporary impairment will help to construct a reasonable solution.

The primary responsibility for seeking assistance and support lies with the student. It is recommended that the student requesting accommodations for a temporary impairment contact The Center for Wellness to discuss the impact in a post-secondary environment. In addition, the student is required to submit information from a medical treatment provider delineating the following information:

  • A clear statement of the impairment, including the DSM-IV-TR or DSM 5 diagnosis and a summary of present symptoms (based on the DSM-IV-TR or DSM 5 or ICD-10).
  • Current functional limitations in the Institutional environment
  • Relevant information regarding current treatment, and a specific request for accommodations with accompanying rationale

The Center for Wellness is not responsible for informing faculty of the student’s temporary impairment or for excusing a student from class for a medical appointment.


Service Animal Procedure

The Americans with Disabilities Act defines service animals as “dogs or miniature horses (when reasonable) that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities.”  The institute may ask the following two questions:

  • Is the animal required because of a disability?
  • What work or task has the animal been trained to perform?

Institute staff cannot ask for the specific nature of the disability or for a demonstration of the work or task the animal is trained to perform.