Accelerate Coach

The mission of Accelerate is to build innovative thinking and entrepreneurial confidence in our students. As an Accelerate Coach your role will be to guide Accelerate Startup Challenge teams through the 5 phases of development: uncover, define, ideate, prototype, execute. Whether a new team or an experienced team, you will assess the stage of the team and be able to provide input and guidance for the next steps a team will need to take, outline how Accelerate and external events that are relevant for your team and facilitate connections to faculty/staff experts or to external mentors (through the Assistant Director).

Startup Challenge teams are comprised of your fellow classmates. These are students going above and beyond their classwork to try to impact the world. Your role is to provide critical feedback, thoughtful input, support and the occasional extra push when times get tough.

Responsibilities include:

  • Interest in entrepreneurship and innovation news and activities
  • Weekly meetings with teams
  • Weekly meeting with Accelerate staff for updates
  • Assist with staffing for open house, alumni weekend and other campus events
  • Assist with hosting of campus events
  • Keep detailed meeting minutes to monitor team progress
  • Completing assessment forms for each team as they progress
  • Possible additional team meetings to prepare for PitchRound or external competitions
  • Attendance for day long coaches training
  • Completion of Leadership Institute Phase 1