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Colleges of the Fenway

Wentworth is a member of the Colleges of the Fenway (COF), a collaboration between five academic institutions in Boston's Fenway neighborhood. The COF gives students the opportunity to engage and interact with other students, organizations, and classes at participating colleges. There are numerous activities for COF students, including performing arts, intramural sports teams, study abroad opportunities and COF wide events. Visit the COF Website

COF Calendar of Events

As part of the COF, you can join clubs and organizations at other COF schools, and attend events at other schools. In addition, the COF plans large events each year for the COF population. Each September there's a Block Party where you can see COF offerings and get free swag from local area vendors. The Block Party is followed by an After Party, a free party where you can meet students from around the COF. Each spring you'll see COF spring weekend which may bring a concert, carnival or comedy show. And in between you'll see talent shows, ski trips, field days and more. (Events vary by year). For more information about COF events or joining a COF club contact

Performing Arts

Improvise a soaring jazz solo, conduct a symphony, discover some new dance moves, or try your hand at directing. Join the Orchestra, chorus, dance ensemble, theater troupe or jazz band, all part of the COF performing arts program. Whether student, faculty or staff, you can find an opportunity to explore an interest or improve advanced skills. More on Performing Arts.


For all COF members, Intramurals are the perfect way to stay active. Whether you were a former high school or college athlete, or just want to try your hand at a new sport, Intramurals have something for everyone. COF leagues provide competition in an array of traditional and non-traditional sports. Participants create teams with their friends of residence hall community and the COF provides the leagues, space, officials, and equipment. It’s free to play, and teams are encouraged to incorporate players from across the five colleges. More on Intramurals.

Geo Center

College is a chance to explore the world, and the COF Global Education Opportunities (GEO) Center works directly with the five colleges to help you find the perfect study, internship, or co-op abroad

program. Can’t fit an entire semester abroad into your academic plan? The five colleges of the COF offer many short-term travel courses, which are on campus, semester-long courses with a short-term travel component. More on the GEO Center

Cross Registration

The hallmark of the five college consortium, cross-registration enables students to take courses that may not be offered at their home institution, in addition to the chance to create unique academic minors. More than 1,200 cross registration courses are available, and since the consortium’s inception, hundreds of COF members cross-register each year.