Care Report

Please read the following information before submitting a CARE report. If this is an emergency (immediate threat of harm to self or others), call Public Safety at 617-989-4444 immediately.

Due to the large amount of time that faculty and staff spend with students, often they are able to identify when a student is struggling or engaging in worrisome behaviors. Other students can sense when their friend, classmate, or peer may need some support. A member of the Wentworth community who is concerned about a student’s well-being may share their concerns by submitting a CARE report. CARE reports are reviewed by the Deans in the Dean of Students Office and the CARE Team. Based on the information received, the CARE Team will determine the best plan for outreach. If more information is needed, a member of the staff may contact you directly for more information.

Some reasons for submitting a CARE report include, but are not limited to:

  • A student experiencing mood changes (aggression, crying, short-tempered, etc.)
  • A significant change in a student’s academic performance
  • A major change in the student’s life (financial status, living arrangements, illness/injury, death of a loved one)
  • A student not caring for their own personal hygiene
  • A significant change in a student’s behavior (for example, a student who was previously very engaged is now quite isolated from peers)
  • A student writing concerning language in an essay or email
  • A student who demonstrates disruptive behaviors in class that are unmanageable
  • Excessive absence from class, with no response to your outreach or a response from the student that includes concerning information)
  • A student has shared with you concerning information about another student

In order for us to best support our students, it is important that the university is made aware of this information so appropriate resources and services can be offered.


The CARE report should include specific information regarding your concern or the behavior causing your concern. The Institute does not accept anonymous CARE reports and your name may be used as the originator of the report. Also, due to privacy mandates, you may not be privy to the outcome of any action taken.

Please consider the following when writing the CARE report:

  • Provide facts: name of the student, date, time, and location of the interaction (if applicable), and provide the names of any witnesses.
  • Be as precise as possible in your summary, recording every useful detail, including quotes if you can remember them.
  • Keep your report clear of vagueness. Instead of writing “the student was disruptive,” explain the student’s exact behaviors.
  • If the report summarizes multiple interactions, please provide those details in sequence.
  • Please indicate if you have made any attempt to communicate with the student previously about your concern.

The CARE report is NOT for use in an emergency. If you witness a situation or have information that the threatens the safety of a student or another individual, call Public Safety immediately at 617-989-4444.

File a CARE report by clicking here.