Common Registration Errors

Below is a list of the most common registration errors. Read the solutions below for assistance. When necessary, contact the department that owns the course that cannot be added (ex: for a COMP course, contact the Computer Science department) or the SSC to update/settle your student account.


“You have a hold on your account.”

  • Your account is not settled- usually due to an outstanding balance, missing financial aid paperwork, etc.
  • Contact the SSC at (617) 989-4020 or to settle your account.


“Please enter your Alternate PIN to access registration.”

  • You need a registration access code (RAC) code to register for classes.
  • Contact your advisor or your department to get you RAC code.


“Closed Course”

  • No more seats are available in the section.
  • Find another section or work with your academic advisor to create another schedule.  Note that some courses (sciences) cannot be overenrolled for any reason.


“Linked Course Required”

  • You are trying to add a lecture and lab that are not linked or you are missing a linked course.
  • Choose linked section, for example, labs CHEM380-02 and CHEM380-03 go with lecture CHEM380-01.  Add lecture and lab sections at the same time.


“Prerequisite and Test Score Error”

  • You are missing a prerequisite or a co-requisite course.
  • Get department approval for missing prerequisite or choose a different course. Add co-requisite courses at the same time:  example ARCH115 and ARCH155.


“Field of Study Restriction- Major”

  • This class is reserved for another major.
  • Choose another class.


“Time Conflict”

  • You have tried to add two courses that are scheduled at the same time.
  • Pick courses that are not scheduled at the same time.


“You are not allowed to register at this time”

  • You are trying to register at a time when registration is not available.
  • Wait until registration opens, you can find registration dates in the Registration Instructions.


“College Restriction”

  • You are trying to register for a CPCE (night school) course.
  • Day students can only register for sections at night if they end in -81, 82, 83, etc.


“Class Restriction”

  • You are trying to register for a section that is restricted to another class level.
  • Choose another class or get department approval.


“Maximum Hours Exceeded”

  • You have exceeded the 20 credits maximum per semester.
  • Fill out Student Exception Form and pay for extra credits exceeding the 20 credit limit.


“Duplicate Course”

  • You have listed two sections of the same course.
  • Delete the old section in your schedule and then add the new section.  For special topics course get department approval.


“Student Attribute Restriction”

  • You are a BIND or BINT major and you are trying to register for the incorrect studio section.
  • When registering in Spring, choose a different instructor from your Fall studio instructor.  Contact your department for assistance.


“You have no registration time ticket.”

  • You are not an active student.
  • Contact the SSC at (617) 989-4020.


"Mutual Exclusion with <CLASS>"

  • You have taken a class that is mutually exclusive with another class (i.e. you can only take one of the two classes). 
  • Register for a different class or contact the academic department that offers the class for more information.


"Repeat Count Exceeds 1"

  • You are registering for a course you have already repeated once. Academic policy does not allow for repeating a course multiple times.
  • An appeal to repeat the course a second time must be made to the Academic Appeals Committee.