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Required Personal Safety Measures

Safety and Public Health Measures

To mitigate the risk of COVID-19 infection and spread of the disease at Wentworth, we are implementing some critically important safety and public health measures that everyone must follow.

  • Face Coverings and Other Personal Protective Equipment

    New as of Jan. 3rd, 2022: Given that cloth masks are considered largely ineffective in preventing the spread of the virus and the Omicron variant is highly transmissible, only appropriately fitting KN95 or N95 will be permitted.  KN95 masks will be distributed at no cost at the Wentworth Testing Hub and will be available at other locations across campus.

    The consistent and proper use of face coverings/face masks are integral to our collective safety and public health. Face coverings must be worn in a proper manner, covering the mouth and nose, by everyone, everywhere, and always, with very few exceptions. Exceptions include children under the age of two, persons unable to wear face-covering due to certain medical conditions, assigned residence hall bedrooms and suites, while showering, and during pre-approved athletic activities. Students within their assigned bedrooms and suites are highly encouraged to wear face coverings as much as practicable as a public health best practice.

    Students, faculty, staff, contractors, visitors, and other members of the Wentworth community are expected to provide their own face coverings or masks. The University will provide other personal protective equipment in certain campus settings as appropriate due to health and safety needs such as in laboratories. If you are required to wear protective goggles or face shields as part of your employment or while in class, you will be notified by your supervisor or faculty member and will be provided with this equipment. The University can supply a disposable face covering if one is lost or forgotten.  

  • Physical Distancing

    Everyone will be required to maintain a physical distance of at least 6 feet between themselves and others whenever possible. Interactions that cannot be conducted while maintaining 6 feet of distance should be limited to less than 15 minutes and should include increased personal protective equipment. Exceptions to the policy on physical distancing include roommates and suitemates who are considered a “family unit.” 

  • Personal Hygiene

    The CDC recommends everyday personal hygiene habits that help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Everyone will be expected to follow CDC guidance including:

    • washing hands frequently and thoroughly (for at least 20 seconds)
    • using hand sanitizer when soap and water are not readily available
    • avoiding touching one’s face
    • covering coughs or sneezes with a flexed elbow or a tissue
  • Screening

    Students, faculty, staff, contractors, visitors, and other Wentworth community members living on or coming to campus will need to complete a daily personal health screening questionnaire before leaving an assigned residence space or prior to arrival to campus. In addition to completing the COVID-19 symptoms pre-screening tool, everyone coming to campus or residing on campus will need to take their temperature daily prior to re-entry to check for an elevated body temperature signaling a fever. All members of the community, including residential students, should acquire their own thermometers for their daily individual use; thermometers should not be shared. Those reporting COVID-19 related symptoms or a fever should not come onto campus or leave their assigned residence space until cleared to do so. Potential screening tools are being evaluated and guidelines for daily temperature monitoring are being developed. Once these details are finalized, there will be further updates. 

    An online app, CoVerified, has been developed for daily symptom monitoring as well as scheduling a test and contact tracing. CoVerified is available through the myWentworth app by touching the CoVerified tile. This app is integrated into Wentworth’s systems and uses single sign-on (your Wentworth username and password).