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Supporting Faculty & Staff During COVID

2021 Spring Semester Update

There will be limited staff presence on campus for a portion of December and most of January to help reduce transmission of COVID-19 during a time when infection rates are predicted to be high. Employees will work remotely from December 15, 2020 through January 29, 2021, unless scheduled by their supervisor for an on-campus presence for any point during that period.

Generally, faculty and staff should continue remote work arrangements unless otherwise required by their essential job duties and until further notice by their supervisors.

The University encourages the continuation of remote work for employees who can do so productively and effectively, and whose work is not required to be performed on campus. Employees who are assigned by their supervisor to return to on-campus work and have concerns with returning to campus for their duties, should engage in dialogue with their supervisor who will consult with Human Resources, or employees may contact Human Resources directly about their specific concerns at The University will continue to evaluate input from employees regarding their concerns related to on-campus assignments.

Employees who wish to seek reasonable accommodations under the criteria in the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Policy, may contact Human Resources at While Wentworth reserves the right to make the determination regarding accommodations, the employee may otherwise consider alternative leave options available to faculty and staff.