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Wentworth Institute of Technology’ Summer Semester COVID-19 testing program information is presented below.  Final information for the Spring and Fall Semesters can be found on the second page of the dashboard by clicking on the right arrow (“>”) in the footer.

Current Risk Level

Alert Level Yellow: Yellow-level status acknowledges the presence of COVID-19 virus, the ongoing pandemic, and a “new normal” of campus operations. There is a reduced COVID-19 transmission risk on campus due to effective mitigation strategies and/or minimal campus spread

To learn more about Wentworth's Early Warning Plan and Alert Levels, visit the COVID-19 Early Indicator Guide

Alert Level Yellow

Wentworth Summer 2021 Public Dashboard

Wentworth received six positive result through LetsGetChecked, the mail-in testing lab students used for pre-arrival testing.  These students successfully completed and cleared Wentworth’s Isolation Protocol before they were permitted to return to campus.