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Providing opportunity for physical distancing through the de-densification of campus is a top re-entry priority. This drastically reduces the number of people permitted in each space. The University will be posting signs to indicate capacity of each space, floor markers to identify space required between those waiting in any line, and other visual cues to reiterate university public health policies. Wentworth is preparing to increase the frequency of cleaning and sanitation across campus.

Cleaning and Sanitation

Wentworth will continue with its protocol of increased frequency of cleaning and sanitation across campus. Additionally, cleaning wipes and hand sanitizer are widely available across campus. While personal hygiene, physical distancing, and wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) such as face coverings are the best ways to minimize the spread of COVID-19, students, faculty, and staff will continue to wipe down desks, tables, and other high-touch surfaces after use.

Classrooms, Labs, and Studios

All academic spaces will be arranged to allow for required physical distancing. Specific criteria are being developed for labs and studios based on use, need, and course learning goals. Where possible, adjustments will be made to accommodate physical distancing. In environments where physical distancing is not possible or will impede the achievement of course learning goals, we will implement additional protective measures such as installing physical barriers between workstations and providing additional PPE such as face shields, goggles, and gloves.

Offices and Conference Rooms

Facilities is assessing all open work environments and meeting rooms to implement measures to physically separate and increase distance between employees, other coworkers, and students. If you work in an office, no more than one person should be in the same room unless the required 6 feet of distancing can be consistently maintained. If more than one person is in a room, masks/face coverings must always be worn.

Common and Collaboration Spaces

The Facilities group is assessing common areas, such as those found in CEIS, Ira Allen, Flanagan Campus Center, and others, to create spaces that allow for physical distancing. In some cases, furniture will be removed and signs/decals will designate where to sit and how the space should be used.


The Wentworth de-densified dining model rests on the need to maintain physical distancing, offer speed of service, and observe strict occupancy limitations. To allow for de-densification of Beatty Café, supplemental dining locations (such as Watson Auditorium) and meal pick-up points (such as the Convenience Store and others still under consideration) are being explored. These areas will reflect the same priorities as the existing designated dining facilities.

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Campus is essentially the same for Spring 2021 except the tent has been taken down for the winter. 

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