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During the 2021-22 academic year, we will deliver a high-quality, engaging education that ensures timely completion of your degree requirements and an excellent student experience, including support services, while seeking to maximize safety and minimize risk.

How classes will be delivered

Our ultimate goal has been the safe return of our community to the transformative, hands-on learning experiences that make Wentworth special in the classroom, labs, studios, and other learning spaces on and off-campus. This fall, we make a full return to on-campus learning and a “new normal.” The majority of our off-campus, academic experiences in Boston and beyond (within the US) have also returned. Our commitment to hands-on learning is stronger than ever and the lessons we learned from the pandemic will inform our ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation in STEM, design, and leadership education. To that end, learning spaces are at full capacity and our learning partners in the field are ramping up their co-op educational opportunities. We will also strive for the continuity of learning in the case of quarantine or isolation, these practices are essential for our community’s health. Please see the related policies for more information.

Academic Support and Resources

The University is committed to providing its students with critical, continued academic support and resources both in-person and virtually.

  • Center for Academic Excellence: Staff will continue to support students with advising and tutoring through both virtual and limited in-person meetings.
  • CO-OPS + CAREERS: Staff will continue to support students with advising through both virtual and limited in-person meetings.  A series of virtual CO-OP + CAREER Fairs will be held throughout the year, beginning in August for our graduating seniors and those looking for a fall co-op.
  • Douglas D. Schumann Library & Learning Commons: Physical distancing requirements will limit the library capacity during the Fall 2020 semester. Therefore, Library staff will continue to provide services and resources via email, chat, and web-conferencing tools. You can find the most up-to-date information on the library website.
  • TechSpot: The Division of Technology Services (DTS) will continue to provide software, technology, and laptop support both in person and via chat support.