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2021 Spring Semester Testing Approach

During the spring semester, we will continue with the testing protocols that Wentworth put into place in the fall semester. The testing protocols include pre-arrival, arrival, surveillance, symptom-based, and close contact COVID-19 testing. The PCR-based testing will be conducted at Wentworth’s expense. Wentworth is using an anterior nasal swab method in its testing, which is less invasive than a nasopharyngeal swab. Wentworth will continue to contract with the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard for on-campus tests and with LetsGetChecked for pre-arrival tests for students residing outside of a 50-mile radius of the campus. The Broad Institute processes testing for more than 100 colleges and universities in the region and is generally able to return results within a 24-hour period from delivery of the samples to the lab.

On-campus testing will continue in the Testing Hub located between Ward Street and Beatty Hall. Symptomatic and close contact testing is conducted by Optum Student Health Services, by appointment, at a separate respiratory clinic that is located between Rodgers Hall and the MassArt Treehouse building.

Less Invasive & 1-day Results

Wentworth testing participants will swab their nostrils themselves under observation by trained staff in the designated on-campus testing location. Wentworth is using an anterior nasal swab method. This method is different— and less invasive—than the nasopharyngeal swab, which involves inserting an elongated swab deep into the nose to the upper part of the throat. Having participants swab their own nostrils reduces the risk of infection for healthcare providers, who will not be in close contact with the participants. And, since it is less complex, this will also result in faster sampling.

The samples taken on campus will be sent to the Broad Institute, and Broad expects to be able to provide test results within 24 hours. Testing conducted for pre-arrival, arrival, onboarding, surveillance, and close contact testing will be conducted on campus in a testing hub trailer located behind Beatty Hall off Ward Street. Symptomatic testing will be conducted at a separate respiratory clinic that will also be located on campus.

Easy CoVerified App - Monitoring & Testing

An online app, CoVerified, has been developed for scheduling a test, daily symptom monitoring, and contact tracing. CoVerified is available through the myWentworth app by touching the CoVerified tile. This app is integrated into Wentworth’s systems and uses single sign-on (your Wentworth username and password)

Pre-Arrival Testing

All students, except those enrolled in entirely remote learning, must undergo pre-arrival testing within three to five days of a student’s arrival on campus. 

  • On-Campus Testing: Students living in residence halls whose permanent address is within a 50-mile radius of campus, students living in off-campus housing, and commuter students are required to have a pre-arrival test in Wentworth’s testing hub within three to five days of arrival on campus
  • Mail-in and Arrival Testing: Students living in residence halls whose permanent address is outside of a 50-mile radius of campus are required to take a mail-in test provided by Wentworth and undergo arrival testing because the mail-in tests do not satisfy a 3 to 5-day testing result requirement. Both pre-arrival and arrival tests must be negative for a student to access campus. These students may arrange for pre-arrival testing on campus if conducted within three-five days before arrival.

More detailed information and directions about pre-arrival testing will be sent to students and their families at a later date in preparation for the spring semester.

Arrival Testing

All residential students must undergo an arrival test. Residential students will need to quarantine in their residence hall space until the results of the test are received. If an arrival test is positive for COVID-19, the student will be required to enter into Wentworth’s isolation protocol and participate in contact tracing efforts.

Surveillance Testing

All students, except those enrolled in entirely remote learning outside of Boston, must participate in Wentworth’s surveillance testing program.

  • Residential Students: All residential students will undergo twice-weekly surveillance testing on campus. The surveillance testing schedule is based on residence hall assignments as follows.
    • Mondays and Thursdays - 610 Huntington Avenue, Baker Hall, Apartments@525, Louis Prang Apartments
    • Tuesdays and Fridays - 555 Huntington Avenue, Evans Way Hall, Tudbury Hall
  • Varsity Athletes: Varsity athletes will undergo twice-weekly surveillance testing on campus and will work with their coaches to test on dates identified for their teams.
  • Commuting Students: All commuting students who are on campus more than one day a week will undergo twice-weekly surveillance testing on campus. Commuting students on campus once per week will undergo once a week surveillance testing.
  • Students Residing in Off-Campus Housing in Boston: Under an agreement with the City of Boston, all students residing in off-campus housing in Boston will undergo at least once a week surveillance testing – even those enrolled in fully remote learning and those completing a co-op off-campus. If an off-campus student living in Boston is on campus more than once a week, the student should undergo twice-weekly surveillance testing.
  • Faculty, Staff, and Contractors: Faculty, staff, and contractors who are on campus more than one day a week will participate in twice-a-week testing. Those on campus one day a week will participant in once-a-week testing.

Symptomatic & Close Contact Testing

Students, faculty, and staff who test positive for COVID-19 are required to self-report this information to the University. If a member of the Wentworth community tests positive for COVID-19, the University will engage in a contact tracing process in cooperation with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Boston Public Health Commission, and/or another state or municipal public health agency.

Every student, faculty, and staff member presenting with COVID-19 related symptoms or identified as having been exposed through close contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19 will undergo testing. Those presenting with COVID-19 related symptoms, or those who have been exposed to COVID-19 through close contact, must not test in the Testing Hub.