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Shelter-in-place events are usually weather related emergencies. When it is necessary to shelter-in-place, you will be safest by moving inside to a building space that protects you from the danger. DO NOT lock the doors behind you as others may also need to shelter-in-place.

How Do I Shelter-in-Place?

  • Immediately seek shelter inside the closest sturdy building. Do no wait until you physically see a storm or severe weather event to react.
  • Resist the temptation to go outside and check the weather condition yourself.
  • Once inside, stay away from windows, glass, and unsecured objects that may fall.
  • Seek shelter in interior rooms and corridors.
  • Avoid large free-standing expanses such as auditoriums or gymnasiums.
  • DO NOT use elevators.
  • Await further instruction from RAVE and/or emergency personnel.
  • DO NOT leave until an "All Clear" is sent by Public Safety.

During a severe storm or tornado, seek shelter on the lowest level possible. If warranted, consider crouching near the floor and seeking additional shelter under a desk or table, or cover your heads with your hands.