All members of the Wentworth community may participate in peaceful demonstrations where such gatherings will not interfere with the educational or institutional mission or goals of the Institute or obstruct physical movement to, from, or within any place on the campus or Wentworth property owned or leased off the main campus. While the campus is open to the free exchange of ideas, the Institute will limit the time, place, and manner of demonstrations. All demonstrations must be registered twenty-four hours in advance with the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students and will be organized and led only by members of the Wentworth community. All members of the community are expected to conduct dialogues with dignity and courtesy.

Specifically, demonstrations and expression of dissent on Wentworth property shall not:

  1. Deny or infringe upon the rights or result in harassment of other students, faculty, staff, or guests of the Wentworth community;
  2. Disrupt or interfere (by volume, numbers of participants or banners, placards, leaflets or other types of written message) with educational or institutional mission or goals or other activities of the Wentworth community;
  3. Obstruct or restrict pedestrian movement or vehicular traffic on any owned or leased property.
  4. Deny or obstruct use of any facilities used by students, faculty, staff or guests.
  5. Endanger the safety of any person on the Wentworth campus;
  6. Result in littering, defacement or destruction of property owned or leased by Wentworth.