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The Science of Habits

Thursday, October 29 at 5:30pm in the Classrooms at 525 Huntington Avenue with Chris Scanlon (Campus Life)

Food and prizes for those in attendance. 


Now that midterms are over you have a sense of what your habits are (for better or for worse). From running to going to the gym to homework and procrastination, this session will help cover several ways to create and modify habits for personal and academic life.

Marketing Student Leadership Experience

Wednesday, November 4 at 4pm in Beatty 418 with Lauren Creamer (Co ops + Careers)

Food and prizes for those in attendance.


Not quite sure how to add student leadership experiences to your resume? Learn from Lauren how to market your experiences in ways that will make sense to the industry you’re venturing into. This session is ideal for those who have gone through the Wentworth Leadership Institute, have a positional student leadership position on campus, student athletes, or are unsure how to market their co-circular involvement.

Creating your Own Personal Board of Trustees

Thursday, November 12 at 6pm in Accelerate with Dean Annamaria Wenner (Student Affairs)

Food and prizes for those in attendance.


You’ve heard of them in professional settings – but consider how a personal board of directors can help you be successful in your personal life. Learn about the value of having a Board of Trustees and how to successfully build one.

Establishing your Professional Online Presence: Part 1 of 5 "Before I Graduate Wentworth, I Want To..."


Learn the ins and outs of LinkedIn while making sure your online presence best reflects who you are.

Refreshments will be served

This program is being created by two Wentworth students' Phase III Initiative.

Escape the Room - Boston

Escape the Room Logo   

Develop leadership skills and work together to Escape the Room!  Eleven students will work together, use their wits and each other to find the clues, solve the puzzles, and get the key to freedom! 

For Questions about Leadership Education at Wentworth

Please email or call the Office of Campus Life at 617-989-4080.